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Frosé (Frozen Rosé)

It’s winter in Melbourne.

It is cold, wet and very windy. The problem with being in the opposite hemisphere to North America and Europe is that all the popular pins on pinterest are currently focussed on Summer. 276 more words


Call of Duty

Players: 1-??

Drinks, Shots

Call of Duty is a long time drinking game favorite, at least in my circle. But we could just be alcoholics. We mainly like to muffle our yelling at the television and each other with beer and fireball. 187 more words


Recipe: Cold Hot Toddy

Lately, early mornings in Boston have been feeling brisk. Fall is around the corner, and some nasty bug is going around in the office. However, it’s still a toasty 85F in the afternoon, far too hot for my usual go-to for colds, a hot toddy. 128 more words


How To Have The Perfect Picnic

I love Picnics.  They combine a few of my favorite things : eating, drinking and being outdoors.  No summer is complete without having at least one picnic.   347 more words


Muji Water Carafes

I got a couple of people asked me about my water carafe that I had in my blog post for the Gravad Arctic Char – Gravad Röding… 162 more words


Here's What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On What Drink You Order


You’re a supportive girlfriend who never keeps score and can spend hours listening to someone’s problems without getting the tiniest bit resentful. You never show up to an event without bringing a gift for the host, and your partner loves being with someone who is so thoughtful and generous. 978 more words