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Amaro cocktails are easy, crowd pleasing and sophisticated

You’ve probably seen amari, from big brands like Campari and Averna to artisanal bottles made in Brooklyn, prettily lining the back bar at your favorite Italian restaurant or assertively flavoring drinks on high-end cocktail menus. 1,263 more words

Ginger Tea

I was feeling like I was coming down with a cold yesterday so I made this ginger tea, ate raw garlic and got lots of rest.  85 more words

Caffeine Free


Gin is the official liquor of depressed writers. So, yeah. I like it. 4.9/5


I've got your back...

Life doesn’t always happen like you think or hope that it will… sometimes it breaks you down so much that you never recover, other times… by sheer will.. 2,157 more words



英文里有个词 “Greasy spoons”,用作形容比较中下等的小餐馆,用大家比较熟悉的语境来说,就是一些看起来条件比较简陋的“苍蝇馆子”。虽然它简陋,可是真正的老饕都知道,这种接地气的小地方,往往隐藏着意想不到的美食。 79 more words


You've had a long stressful week. You want to make yourself a simple but great cocktail. Here you go.

It doesn’t get simpler or greater than a Gin and Tonic. Ideal for hot weather, but good all year ’round. Enjoy your drink and your weekend. 17 more words