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The San Antonio Ultimate Where/What to Eat and Drink List

Dedicated to my med school friends who’ve been with me on this food adventure!

As my four years of medical school comes to a close at San Antonio, I decided to write a master post of one of my favorite topics and hobbies: FOOD. 3,061 more words


Peter Rabbit

Pimms #1, bruised basil, pressed lemon, pickled carrot


Elephant and Castle, Art Works, Sportsbar

Keeping this one short and sweet since I’m currently in my PJs at 6pm on a Saturday night. Sadly, my life is very un-glamorous at the moment since I’ve an essay to write and a degree to finish (b-o-o-r-i-n-g-g-g-g-g change the record Lindsey). 87 more words

5 tips to help you drink more healthy drinks

Hello dear readers

If you think you need to be drinking more, here are some tips to increase your fluid intake and reap the benefits of water: 85 more words


10 reasons to consume water instead of soft drinks

Hello dear readers

It is difficult for the body to get water from any other source than water itself. Soft drinks and alcohol steal tremendous amounts of water from the body. 645 more words


Maybe there isn't more than this Provençal life and that's not too bad so fuck you Belle. 

I’m a beast. I’m not provincial but all the same fuck you Belle! I like that the baker has bread like always! What if I showed up and he’d gone hipster and as selling gluten-free cupcakes? 295 more words


Rommeo and Julliet

Sometimes when the barista is already stoned at 7 in the morning and has to ask you three times what you ordered and if she rang it up already (regular coffee; yes)–then charges you twice for the same beverage and has to get help from a coworker, then asks again what you ordered–you are not surprised when her spelling gets away from her even after you spell your name out loud.

March 17, 2017. Portland, Oregon.