Garden Party: Water

In light of California’s water problems, I decided to update the garden’s drip system to avoid the accidental lawn I created last year.

The plan was simple enough: replace any drip hoses with drip nozzles targeting large plants like squash, peppers and cucumbers. 577 more words

Garden Party

Resolve to conserve in 2015

We all can take more steps to use water wisely. This year, make a resolution to conserve with these five easy steps:

  1. Look at the upper right corner of your bill.
  2. 217 more words
Conservation & Drought

How Israel Beat a Record-Breaking Drought, With Water to Spare

AUSTIN, Texas—Israel is a desert country suffering through a devastating drought. And it has so much water it’s considering exporting the excess.

How Israel went from being chronically water stressed to banking water surpluses offers lessons for the United States and other drought-stricken regions of the world. 404 more words


R/O Water (Additives and Buffering)

I am using Kent Marine, R/O Right, to enhance my water! Most of this information I took directly from Kent marine. Some I had to request, and I am sure they won’t mined me putting it here for your reading convenience! 1,058 more words


"DIY Building Your Own RO System to Save Money" Part 2

Well I have completed my R/O System! I was not bad considering I haven’t installed one for many, many years.  I have also plumbed it into my main water distribution system so I can either do water changes with regular filtered hard water or “Soft Water” from the R/O. 111 more words