Drip Irrigation System

Earlier this summer, my plants were sad. Michael began driving over the road and my daughter and I could hardly keep up with the intense heat drying out our garden beds. 425 more words


Bulls in the Garden

“You gotta see this”! my husband exclaimed as he enticed me toward the back of the house. And there they were, 2 big, black bulls crudely yoked together, tethered to a plow and to Bonhomme who was guiding them down the short rows of the new garden plot. 465 more words

Helping Haiti Children

This 'n That

Big weekend. Hubby and I did some projects together, some individually.

Cleaned the fish pond.

Put license plate collection up.

Moved barrels to open up squirrel hunting. 278 more words


Exploding Water!

The heat. Gets so that I could only work in the yard by whatever area had shade.

No longer! Mom gave me a spare outdoor umbrella and stand. 144 more words


Migraine Awareness Month & Drip System

June is Migraine Awareness Month. Here’s my 2 cents worth on the subject:

One of the things about having migraines is that nothing can get done in an orderly process. 104 more words

Garden Beds

Bunnies and Worms

Took over a month to find a local source of rabbit droppings for the worm garden.

Next step in preparation for the worms:
*Block sun from east (using solid wood)

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Garden Beds