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A better wine bottle

Drips are the bane of every wine enthusiast's presence. She or he uncorks a container of wine, tips it towards the glass, and a drop, and even a stream, runs down the side of the container. 60 more words

Starting a Teenager's IRA

My son has started to earn a bit of money through odd jobs, and I’ve convinced him that it would be a smart thing to start an IRA account rather than just blow all of his money on cars and stuff.   773 more words


9 Mistakes To Avoid as a New Nurse

Approximately 10% of all deaths in the U.S. are due to medical errors making it the THIRD highest cause of death in America. The numbers are shocking, but actually under-reported and still add up to over 250,000 death per year.  794 more words


How Much Do You Need to Be Saving for Retirement?

The goal of retirement savings is to ensure you have enough saved to replace your income in retirement without needing to spend the principal, or at least without spending all of the principal during one’s lifetime.  846 more words


Down the Drain

The other day, I replaced the bathroom faucet, because it was icky–a technical term well known to DIY people. It was cheap plastic, painted chrome-silver. It leaked, wobbled, and collected mildew around the base and handles. 1,735 more words



Today we’re going to talk about vasopressin.

Those of you who have been nursing a bit will remember when vasopressin, 40 units, IV as a bolus dose was the ACLS recommendation for the second medication to give during a cardiac arrest. 610 more words