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Troy - Part 8

Now that I have had the green light from Dr. Motaz to give him his fluids subcutaneous, I feel much better knowing that there is an alternative way of getting the fluids into Troy. 677 more words

Troy - Part 7

Yesterday was a very difficult day, full of ups and downs, both figuratively and literally. It was the day for our weekly vet check-up which meant long driving hours there and back. 907 more words

Troy - Part 3

I could not sleep very well because Troy slept in my room. He kept waking up every so often to either cough or throw up. There was nothing to throw up except some white liquid which I presume was the remaining barium used for the coloured X-ray. 607 more words

[Lens Based] NOT ENOUGH, 9/16

Stage 2, part 2 of my Jamie Nelson response; the developed series of “MORE”. The 3 layers of beauty on my face is still ‘not enough’ to be viewed in mass media as ideal, I used better, photoshopped features of myself and layers of dripping makeup to create this simple yet powerful series. 67 more words


[Lens Based] More and More and More Layers GIF, 9/16

A GIF created as a further response piece to Jamie Nelson which complements the “MORE” photography series. I captured the three stages of makeup drips being applied to my face, the first two stages having “MORE” overlaid across the image to imply how the media wants ‘more’ layers to consider the person beautiful, and the last stage after apply more makeup having “NOT ENOUGH” overlaid across to show how all that makeup is still ‘not enough’. 16 more words


[Lens Based] MORE, 9/16

Part 1 of my Jamie Nelson response. Inspired by Nelson’s melting makeup technique in her series of Dani Lundquist, I used watered-down acrylic to create similar drips on my face, emphasising the amount of makeup I have on and how mass media views it as still not enough to be considered beautiful. 26 more words


drips like drops

felt the heartbeat

and through the oceans of wishes

and having a long steady ride

as the tears of last ever fall

and took

as the wonder… 46 more words