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dripping faucet

From behind me, I heard the soft ping of splatter hitting a hard surface.  Seconds later, another drip followed.   A sort of pling…. pling…. pling sound vibrated through me.  493 more words


Sound Reflecting off a Mouse’s Tail: (((Only Amateurs Leave the [mic] On)))  

Bedrooms as long as a car ride w/Millie (a model of sorts) : Airing bed sheets as a dirty flag to the driver downstairs

Maid’s clean the bathroom — 159 more words


Energetic Drips

How can drips feel energetic?! It’s all down, down. That’s true, but if the format of the painting is vertical, that verticality in itself conveys energy. 126 more words

Technique And Demo

Walking Down the Marshes

Having been told to “take it easy” for a while, my walks through the forest  have been put on hold for now and I have been taking a less strenuous walk down to our nearby marshes. 79 more words


Show Time

Luck brought me a show at Glama Rama Salon and Gallery in Oakland. I had a few paintings that were a direction but not enough for a show. 124 more words

The Drip

It all started in the morning, you knew then it was not going to be a good day. The toaster burnt your toast. Who knows how that switch got turned, but well done toast was on your plate for breakfast. 720 more words