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Up-drip, Side-drip

Dripping paint on a canvas conveys the feeling of immediacy and urgency, doesn’t it.  It’s as if you were standing next to the artist while she was painting and you were witnessing the physicality of this gooey substance in its tug with gravity. 248 more words


This Christmas

This Christmas was very special.
As most of you know my beloved fur baby Troy has been sick since mid September. A horrible disease called megaesophagus and was compounded with pneumonia. 685 more words


Innocent droplets of rain make almost all events quite natural.
– Visar Zhiti


Looking at Stock Dividends a Different Way

When you look at the dividends that stocks pay, you at first might wonder why anyone would care.   Stocks considered good dividend payers might pay 1-2%, where you can get more than that easily in bonds, something on the order of 3-4%, without even heading into junk categories if you go into the longer term bonds.   843 more words



Candle drips.

Same as the others in blue.


Keeping Splatters Off Baseboards

While I am priming the walls, a dropcloth (blue) protects the floors from splatters or drips. But I like to make sure that no drips or speckles get onto the baseboards, either. 25 more words