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How to Figure Out How Much You Need to Retire

Early on, when we first started planning for financial independence, one of the first things we needed to determine was how much we would need to accumulate to retire and maintain our standard of living.   956 more words


Ten Things I Learned While Working for the Rich

I read a great article from Free Money Finance on the things he learned about how rich people handle money while working as a financial adviser to ultra-wealthy clients.   193 more words


Michael Fillus-Sherman

AVIOR pottery line began in 2001 with a desire to hit the show trail with a unique line of stoneware pottery. My focus was to approach the pottery market with a line that had a classic feel amidst a hand thrown touch. 85 more words



“Catto”, Acrylic on Canvas, 2017

Commissioned piece, NFS


How to Manage your 401k

Investing in stocks in a 401K is actually quite simple.  The reason is that, unlike a traditional brokerage account where your investment options are nearly limitless, your choices of investments are usually fairly limited in your 401k.  1,008 more words