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Between Transience & Infinity

I feel like I have been putting leaves on a tree

Only for autumn to come take them all down

They were fresh and green… 221 more words

Hillary Comes Clean on Free College

Dear Young Voter,

You may have recently heard that I have joined Bernie Sanders in calling for “free” public college for all students. You may have also heard, however, that I have a great deal of difficulty with the truth, so some of you may be misunderstanding what I mean by a “free” college education, actually thinking that you’ll get a free, high-quality education.   953 more words

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Exploring Our Joy

Your pleasure fills my
starving mouth
coats my greedy tongue
Lips swollen and coated
An invitation to share
Excitement drips down
my trembling thighs
My fingers venture… 8 more words


Wait Till I'm Dead and Gone

Wait till I am dead and gone

For the only sure thing in life is death

Keep looking till you find what you’ve always had… 221 more words

How Much Should a College Student Be Spending on Living Expenses

College tuition is obviously a big part of the expense of college. but if you attend a state school or get a scholarship, living expenses will often be more than tuition expenses.   1,189 more words

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