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Are your belts squealing in the morning?

On most vehicle the drive belts or the serpentine belt help turn and run the power steering pump, water pump, alternator, and some the Air conditioner.   52 more words

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Making an orrery -- part 2

Continuing on from a previous post, here’s what the orrery looks like to date.

Left to right and top to bottom, you can see the… 158 more words


Work, made visible

Clearing out a shed I saw these old drive belts hanging up on a improvised hook.

I wondered how many harvests these belts have seen, how much fruit has been gathered from the olive trees and the vines, before they were relegated to the shed. 6 more words


Always inspect belts and hoses

West Highlands Auto Repair at 5440 W 29th Ave, Wheat Ridge CO 80214, would like to give a tip.   Belts and hoses should be check during the routine maintenance.  163 more words


How to Replace a Motorcycle Drive Belt

The drive belt on a motorcycle is the thick black belt running from the right side of the engine to the rear wheel sprocket. The drive belt transfers to power from the engine to the rear wheel allowing the motorcycle to move. 307 more words


The Structrue of Rubber Belt

In view of your functions and characteristics and financial positive factors of rubber drive belts itself, it truly is widely utilized in each department of machine manufacturing. 297 more words

Introduction to Industrial Belts and Their Storage

Industrial belts, as the name suggests, are the belts utilized in business. Industrial belts have 3 big categories: industrial drive belts, automobile driving belts and… 412 more words