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Emergency Shockwave Update - Daily Security Byte EP. 167

If you use Adobe Shockwave, it’s time to patch. This week, Adobe released an out-of-cycle update fixing a critical flaw in the popular multimedia player. Watch the video to learn more, including why I recommend against Shockwave. 28 more words

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Critical Flash Patch - Daily Security Byte EP.148

Adobe usually follows Microsoft Patch Tuesday, and releases updates on the second Tuesday of each month. However, yesterday they released a critical, out-of-cycle Flash update fixing 23 vulnerabilities. 55 more words

Editorial Articles

FBI again thwarts Tor to unmask visitors to a Dark Web child sex abuse site

The FBI has once again launched its harpoons into the Deep Web, piercing the anonymizing layers of Tor to drag out the identities of two New York men who were… 937 more words


Practical IT: Beware these 3 web security myths

If you’re in charge of IT security, keeping users safe on the web is one of the biggest problems you face. But there are some outdated notions about threats that can get in the way of effective security. 904 more words


Jamie Oliver Hacked Again - Daily Security Byte EP.44

There’s a lot of InfoSec news today, but I’m most fascinated with that fact that Jamie Olivier’s web site has been hijacked yet again. It may provide a perfect example of how not to secure your web site. 72 more words

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Cat and mouse game is over for Japanese death threat hacker

Remember the Japanese hacker who taunted police by leaving clues in a memory card that he tucked into the collar of a cat found wandering an island off Tokyo? 343 more words


Former US cybersecurity director gets 25 years for online child abuse

The former acting director of cybersecurity for the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has been sentenced to 25 years in federal prison over his activities on a child abuse image website that was hidden – but not particularly well – on the… 619 more words