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What is Drive-By Download?


A Drive-By Download is basically a malware that gets downloaded and often automatically installed when a user visits a Hacked Website.

Paranoid with a Purpose - Malvertising Really is Out to Get You

Have you ever heard the song Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger from back in the 90’s? It had this brilliant line in it; “Paranoia, paranoia, everybody’s coming to get me”. 952 more words


Tool Tip: ScriptSafe - Daily Security Byte EP. 276

In today’s video I share a quick security tool tip. NoScript is one of my favorite security extensions for Firefox, as it can help block web-based attacks. 52 more words

Editorial Articles

Two Malicious Web Campaigns - Daily Security Byte EP. 232

This week, two web-based attack campaigns are increasing the chance you might encounter a drive-by download when visiting a legitimate web site. Watch Tuesday’s Byte to learn more about these campaigns, the tools one uses, and what you can do to avoid these sorts of attacks. 55 more words

Editorial Articles

Emergency Shockwave Update - Daily Security Byte EP. 167

If you use Adobe Shockwave, it’s time to patch. This week, Adobe released an out-of-cycle update fixing a critical flaw in the popular multimedia player. Watch the video to learn more, including why I recommend against Shockwave. 28 more words

Editorial Articles