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The Truth About Black Audis

Good morning peeps!

Now you might wonder what on earth I could possibly tell anyone about cars, and you would be right. However, the truth is always (or at least often) in the eye of the beholder, so don’t underestimate my ability to edify just yet. 326 more words


Volkswagen: The Reduce Speed Dial

When a champion of German automotive engineering is asking people to slow down, you know you’re looking at a pretty special campaign. Colenso BBDO in New Zeeland created this experiment that aims at getting people to reduce speed at critical moments by introducing a customized speed-dial that uses a hand-crafted design for the numbers, as well as special messages from your loved ones. 60 more words


Are you a pro at avoiding potholes?

Always drive slower on pothole-filled roads and follow at a greater distance so you can safely avoid them!

Tips for Winter Weather Driving

Now that we’ve had our first few minor winter storms, it’s time to prepare for the major ones to come!

Everyone should be cautious about traveling in extreme winter weather, so follow these tips to stay safe as you drive this winter: 474 more words

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