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Check Back Next Week

Hey, y’all!

It’s, ACG again. AJA misses y’all, but we’re both tired, and she isn’t feeling great. So, we hope she feels better next week, and she wants you to drive safely to your prior engagements. 18 more words

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Get ready for winter: On the road

Most people take their cars for granted. After all, they’re simply modes of transport to get us from A to B, aren’t they?

They are, but as winter hits, it’s important to remember that we have to look after our cars if we don’t want them to let us down. 1,543 more words


Steer Clear of the Bundol-bundol Gang

Private car owners and drivers are being warned of the unscrupulous bundol-bundol gang: people who pretend to be crossing your lane during slow moving traffic and then would suddenly drop on the pavement, acting like you hit them with your vehicle.  752 more words

General Topics

Drive safely, 2018 BMW X2, Finding a Tesla Model 3: What’s New @ The Car Connection

PSA: Please don’t put your feet up on the dashboard The warning given by Audra Tatum from Walker County, Georgia is simple: Don’t put your feet up on the dashboard of your car. 42 more words