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.that strong little girl

There she sat with her mind I’m the sky
When she looked down the world would pass her by
But when she looked up she always seemed to stumble and fall… 108 more words


Stop Here On Red

We awoke in the woods of Pocono, PA with a yearning for the freedom of the New York City. 24 hours of light and life.The reality was a transition from the green of leaves to the red of lights. 18 more words


Enjoy the Drive

I have found there there are two kinds of people in the world: those who drive with their eyes forward and a grim/bored look on their face, and then there’s me. 226 more words

Little Cars That Make For Big Fun

Kart racing may look like child’s play, but don’t let the size of these little racers fool you. All ages can have fun revving their engines and speeding toward the finish line. 33 more words


Hold my beer while a drive towards this tornado

When a tornado crosses your path, it’s best to drive away from it.


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