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A very quick hen

Dicky is in the car and drives relaxed. At some point a hen overtakes him in speed. Dicky presses the accelerator, but fails to reach the hen. 61 more words


Drive with a purpose.

“Christianity is a journey, not a race, God isn’t asking us to compete for 1st place. So go at your own pace, put a smile on your face and let God save you with His grace”

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MINI Cooper S 5-door: Have your cake and eat it

The last car I reviewed was an automotive icon. Thankfully, we don’t live in a world where there can be only one. Last week, I had the pleasure of driving another iconic set of wheels in the form of the 5-door MINI Cooper S. 1,129 more words


August 3, 2017


     It’s that time again, made it through another day.. It’s been a good day. Mom and two of my brothers made a stop by the jobsite and showed us the fish they caught last night. 164 more words

(Backseat) Drive Like a White Man

I was explaining the concept for this website to my favorite white man and he immediately had something to share! In fact, he interrupted me with his excitement; the urge to relate is a common, endearing quality of my favorite white man. 1,036 more words


Friday 18.08.17

Was up and about early this, had coffee and then went to work, picked up the car and went to Preston, spent the day with the new service manager and got some paperwork out of the way, lol I think they are going to to miss me while I’m away… 88 more words

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Driving around like a mad man

The things we do for love, right? It was a worthwhile effort though. We drove to Erfurt today to get an apartment for my girlfriend. First visit aaand hit. 39 more words