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España por favor // I love it when a plan comes together...

So here’s the itinerary for the All-New Fiesta launch event, which we’ve been issued ahead of time:

Tuesday, 27 June

Depart Stansted, arrive Valladolid

All-new Ford Fiesta… 392 more words


Review: The Toyota C-HR Hybrid is a mass-market vehicle with panache

(Source: arstechnica.com)

The hybrid version of the Toyota C-HR is not yet available in the US.


H πόλη μου ξυπνάει

Απο το σπίτι ως το αεροδρόμιο . Μια όμορφη πόλη ακόμη πιο λαμπερή όταν “ξυπνάει”.

Λογική δίχως ευαισθησία

The Graduation

Rejection, failure after failure, doors slammed, small steps, slow progress, setbacks, frustration, falling down, getting back up, falling down again, backstabbed, laughed at, left out and forgotten, fighting the words of negative people, ulterior motives, dream killers, battling demons inwardly and outwardly, depression, sorrow from lost of loved ones, disappointed in lost of friendships, secret hurts and pains, lost and wandering around in spiritual darkness, dreams seemingly deferred. 82 more words


Show Me Your Cares and I'll Show You A God Who Cares

I realize not everyone reading this believes there’s a God, let alone a God who is intricately obsessed with every part of our being. So if you’re doubting the premise of this post, which is the fact that God cares about you, open your mind to the possibility that a benevolent, all-powerful, omnipotent Being has every intention of helping you. 1,139 more words


F.N.V. - Summer Lovin' 

Wednesday of this week was the first official day of summer, and to celebrate Friday Night Videos will showcase a few of the summer themed songs of the ’80s. 529 more words