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Tesla self-drive mode filmed 'endangering passengers' - BBC News

Videos posted online appear to show Tesla’s new self-drive mode causing its cars to drive dangerously.


Sometimes I just have to drive. Call it an escape, an avoidance. Call it whatever you want. But sometimes I just have to get away. 543 more words


Strength Through Adversity

“That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”

  • Friedrich Nietzsche

A famous quote that has become part of popular culture, to the extent that Heath Ledger’s Joker twists the phrase in the riotously successful Dark Knight film.

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Kalgoorlie Superpit

We drove four hours to see the super pit! … And an explosion. It was totally worth it. And I am not being sarcastic. Kalgoorlie is famous for its gold mining and we decided that before we headed south we would drive the 188kms from Norseman to check it out. 86 more words


Law of the Harvest

I know many are shocked by the recent turning of events regarding the entitlement of America’s young adults.  As I consider returning to my university studies, I am worried about how some of my classmates might act and I can react positively if I have a civil conversation with one.   206 more words



Didn’t we start there?

Didn’t we stop?

Did the music envelop our thoughts?

Didn’t we hold back?

Didn’t we accelerate?

How we feel is how we quietly stared. 79 more words


The drive

It was past 10 p.m. But it seemed like the city was not planning to sleep any time soon. Not in the too-high-to-rest kind of way, but more like suffering from an ailment.  477 more words

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