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Show day doubts set in...

Yesterday marked 2 weeks until I step on stage again and also the first day that the doubts really crept in. Competing is such a long dedicated process and an emotional rollercoaster.. 141 more words


Surrounding Yourself

Today I was told that I ask people the deepest questions about life. Such as, where do you want to be in 5 years? What is your plan after college? 638 more words

Wreck It Weekend 4/29/16

We hope your week was filled with forward progress and killer workouts!  This is for those traveling.  I recently got back from a trip and it’s always tough to get a workout in on the road.   96 more words


driven home

your own necessary

and  faster

and  keeping

and made on the took

on the leave

and it held on the  carry

and its own

and where it takes on the curb… 40 more words


Personal Growth

When I was about 15, my mom took me to a public speaking competition that required a lot of running around to competition rooms in short periods of time while wearing suits that restricted my movement. 377 more words

Regret: The Poison We Drink Willingly

We tend to spend a large portion of our time and mental power focused on the events of the past.  We constantly ask ourselves, “If I had done X, would Y be any different?”  We repeatedly visit moments in our memories that have hurt, wronged, or injured our psyche.   771 more words


Young, aware and driven 

Dear Souls,

Have you found your mission? Have you found that reason that makes life worth living? Have you decided how you want to leave your mark on this world? 341 more words

Transylvanian Souls