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What kind of farm animal is the worst driver?

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What Do You Think About Driverless Cars?

Is this an all or nothing concept? What about those who love cars and love to drive? Would they have to give that up since human error faults the effectiveness of this concept? 18 more words

Driver Safety & Road Hazards

Do You Think These Are Insured?

Isn’t she lovely? Thought you all might get a kick out of this. Have a great night!

Driver Safety & Road Hazards

Attorney Joe Pierotti Settles Case for Elderly Pedestrian Struck by Car

In this case, our client was a pedestrian in a grocery store parking lot. She was struck at a low speed by a car, which knocked her to the ground. 91 more words

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Pulled Over for Drinking Coffee

There are two things to be learned from this distracted driver cited for no seatbelt. A Minnesota woman says the officer claimed she was pulled over for drinking her coffee on her way to work, which is a driving distraction. 319 more words

Driver Safety & Road Hazards

Unfortunate Spike in Wisconsin Traffic Fatalities

According to statistics provided by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, there were 67 deaths on Wisconsin roads in September. The Wisconsin D.O.T. says that this is about a 22% increase from the same time period in 2014. 151 more words

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Telematics: Taking control of your fleet

There are a number of challenges businesses with large vehicle fleets face today, from knowing where their drivers are and ensuring their safety, to controlling fuel costs, vehicle maintenance and working to keep customers satisfied through optimising efficiencies, such as routing. 797 more words

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