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It's Fall - Oh Deer!

The temperatures have gotten cooler, and the trees are vibrant with color! It is a beautiful time of year.

Fall also means animal-related car accidents are likely to rise. 330 more words


Beware of motorists turning right

Commentary; culture

Utah motorists often proceed into right-turn opportunities at intersections as if they have the right-of-way and need not check for traffic.

Stop signs may be observed as though they are yield signs, and yield signs may be observed as if they indicate “Go!” 32 more words


Driving Simulator

Advantages of Using a Driving Simulator in Driver Training

Even though the use of a driving simulator in driver training includes a great deal of benefits for your trainee, driving instructors often wait to use one. 487 more words

New Car Features That Improve Driver Safety

As vehicle technology advances, consumers have access to a variety of new safety features. The following are just some new technologies to look for the next time you shop for a vehicle: 86 more words

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Driving Simulator Education Guarantees Anxiety Free of charge Driving By Young Drivers

Driving simulator is an educational tool that simulates actual driving on a road under distinctive traffic and road circumstances. This simulation tool is used to teach learners how to drive cars and also the rules for the road. 589 more words

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Fact Check 5- Eyes on the Road!

The article that I chose to fact check was Studies show direct link between billboards and crashes” which was originally posted to Scenic.org. This article’s claims that according to recent studies, billboards and other types of roadside advertising increase the risk of automobile crashes. 222 more words