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Azerbaijan GP Post Race Driver Reactions

A chaotic and unpredictable Azerbaijan GP comes to an end. Daniel Ricciardo wins but he’s not the talking point of the race. There were multiple intra team and inter team rivalries turning sour this weekend especially the rivalry between Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. 2,955 more words


Bus drivers rally against proposed changes to Edmonton Transit

Just days after the city released a report suggesting changes to Edmonton’s transit system, local bus drivers held a rally at a south Edmonton transit garage to protest the proposed changes. 426 more words


Azerbaijan GP Post Qualifying Driver Reactions

Lewis Hamilton’s superb lab put him ahead of Ayrton Senna’s number of poles record. This was the second Mercedes 1-2 season and a comeback story for Hamilton from a forgettable Friday. 5,067 more words


Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

The last couple days have been a perfect storm of bad timing. Yesterday I took the newly-acquired trailer to make the pick-up I was supposed to have done on Wednesday, then proceeded on my merry way to make the delivery. 685 more words


First blog post

This will be the adventures of an Uber driver in Rochester, NY


The Bet

Marty was done for the day. Slumping on the wheel he sifted through his day. He drove over a 100 miles today, to a humungous building and dropped his his customer there. 845 more words


Practice Your Rhythm with the Driver

Losing control of your ball? Not solidly hitting? More than likely, you’re hitting the ball with a backswing that’s faster than your downswing. To improve your shot, you need to find your rhythm so you gain speed without sacrificing contact. 168 more words