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There's a Song in Nier That Drives Me Up The Wall

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There‚Äôs a village, The Aerie, which your character visits at the beginning of Nier. Its cacophonous theme is….surprising.

As part of my never-ending battle against my backlog, I decided to finally play 2010’s Nier in preparation for the… 632 more words


Drive: Porsche 911 Turbo S

The Porsche 911 Turbo has been the undisputed king of the super-sports cars for years, decades even. It was the ideal choice for the type of person who wanted a luxurious, long distance cruiser that was capable of crushing supercars two to three times it’s price. 955 more words


Spontaneous Sunday Drive

Little Aaron has had a bit of a sleep regression lately. It is exhausting! I feel like I am back to the days of having a newborn where he woke up every few hours, fed more often, and needed tons of moonlight cuddles. 251 more words


A Drive

“Dude just needs to get a girlfriend. I don’t know why he does this kind of thing! Why do people confess this kind of shit to me?” 924 more words

Week 4 - Full Circle

Full Circle

The sun is out.

I drive as if I can roll back time.

It’s a beautiful day,

Like all of the ones that have been, 69 more words