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The Confinement of the Backseat of a Minivan

He taps on the wheel with his index fingers as he drives along. The music is on just high enough to understand the words, but the cars accelerator is much louder. 168 more words

Drives And Motors

Drives system is an important part of the extrusion machine. It is very important to have the right kind of motor and drive combination that will help in saving energy and enable in improving the efficiency of the extrusion machine. 328 more words

Extrusion Machine

The eleventh hour

Long drives at night

Countless lights rolling by

Good music on the stereo

Singing along as miles pass.

The day’s last hours, fulfilled.


Kayaking Minnamurra River

Minnamurra River is 23 kilometres long and I got the pleasure of canoeing on it.

Whilst it was not a hot day a lot of parents had brought their kids down for a dip in the river. 155 more words

Day Trips


Do you know what drives me crazy? Whiners. People get involved and decide to become entrepreneurs, and then as soon as they get in, they start complaining. 88 more words

Grandma Drives to Scotland (response to reddit /r/writingprompts)

My grandmother was great at a many of things — smelling hunger from a mile away, washing that perfect, ocean breeze scent into my laundry, and baking the softest of chocolate chip cookies — but she was not good at arriving on time. 416 more words

Hydraulic Power Drives and Motors

A drive system that is different from the AC and DC drive, this drive does not require a transmission system. It consist of a constant speed AC motor driving a hydraulic pump which in turn drives a… 249 more words

Extrusion Machine