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Password Protect Folders, Files, Drives, and Programs with Folder Protect

by 350.org
Folder Protect is an advance user-centered and policy driven access control tool. Just imagine a world where you never have to worry about lost, stolen, or corrupted data. 16 more words

usb hub & usb hard drives

A few nice USB Security  images I found:
usb hub & usb hard drives

Image by osde8info
usb hub & usb hard drives "side by side"

Keep Your USB Drives Protected From Snooping Eyes

by wwarby
Do you carry your flash drives everywhere with you? If you do, have you ever considered the outcomes of losing it in a busy train, or dropping it accidentally at airport, or losing it somewhere at your workplace? 14 more words

Custom Microphone USB Drives for Miami Music Festival

Check out these USB Security  images:
Custom Microphone USB Drives for Miami Music Festival

Image by CustomUSB.com
Custom shaped USB drives in a shape of a microphone. 20 more words

The dark side of unsecured USB and Portable hard drives

by peppelena
Today we depend on digital files to obtain and exchange information. As technology progresses, so does the amount and the size of data that is exchanged between people. 18 more words

Guide To Buy The Best USB Flash Drives

by P E U F
USB flash drives are essentially an ‘EEPROM’, which is the abbreviated form of “Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory”. A USB flash drive is actually a plug-and-play storage device, which can be used instead of a zip drive disk or CD. The computer i…

USB drives, a Convenience or a Disaster in disguise.

by espensorvik
I just lost my USB drive, has anyone seen it? How many times have you encountered such incidents in your life? Almost every one of us has been in this painful situation at least once if not more. 18 more words