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Driverless Miss Daisy

Without Hoke there would never have been Driving Miss Daisy. Daisy might have had some trepidation about being chauffeured around by a driverless car and I am sure she would have demanded that Hoke stay in the driver’s seat. 420 more words

This And That

Review: Driving Miss Daisy

(Note: Recommend you start the video at the bottom to listen to the music while reading this blog.)

We attended the Wednesday matinee performance of Driving Miss Daisy at the New Theatre Restaurant in  Overland Park, KS. 401 more words

Morgan Freeman's 10 Best Movies

Morgan Freeman passed beyond being one of the most prestigious actors of this generation decades ago.  Now, still churning out several films a year, Freeman is capping a resume of over 50 years of work on television and in film that stacks up against the greatest actors of all-time.   288 more words


Driving Miss Daisy (1989)

An old Jewish woman and her African-American chauffeur in the American South have a relationship that grows and improves over the years. (IMDb) 86 more words

Driving Mr. and Mrs. Baby

Remember last weekend when I told you about my life in crime? When I was the most wanted driver in three states? Well, I guess all that crazy driving paid off. 698 more words


Seeing through God's Eyes

I was enjoying a Hope College Repertory Theater production of Driving Miss Daisy last week when a statement by Hoke, the black chauffeur for a white Jewish woman, made me sit up straighter.He explained to Miss Daisy, … 400 more words

Living As Apprentices

Bath to Cumbria

This will be the last blog of the holiday. We set off for home tomorrow and the story of that long road through Scotland is not one I will be relating on this occasion. 1,930 more words

Driving Miss Daisy