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Turn Signal-itis

No one signals anymore.

They change lanes, turn, or pull to the curb without warning. In the last couple of years, it’s become epidemic. That means you have to watch their body language, not their turn indicators. 592 more words

Driving Principles

Have No Fear

It can be scary to drive in LA, and you should be paranoid, very paranoid, but have no fear.

Fear can’t help you. In fact it hinders; it makes you tense, and that makes your reflexes slower. 214 more words

Driving Principles

Scan This

Lack of scanning is one of the top three reasons for collisions (along with speed and distractions)

So, how often should you scan? Constantly. How often should you check your mirrors? 201 more words

Driving Principles

One Lane at a Time

I can’t believe I really have to spell this out, but apparently I do, because LA drivers are consistently all over the road: Stay in one lane at a time! 422 more words

Driving Principles

Dear Drivers...

Dear Drivers,

If you are new to LA, I apologize for all the inept, oblivious, feckless, reckless, and downright dangerous drivers you will encounter here. It’s embarrassing, really. 844 more words

Driving Principles