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Lessons Learnt From Failing 7 Times

One morning in late Oct 2012, I made my 8th attempt at obtaining a license that the majority of the population can obtain by the 2nd: A 3A driving license. 1,199 more words


Adventures In Driving: The First Day Of The Hire Car

Adventures In Driving: The First Day Of The Hire Car

I passed my driving test in February 2016 and ever since that day my “driving life” has been full of… 1,617 more words


Driving Test

I learned how to drive the year I turned thirty.

I really mean that.
It isn’t that I was driving before then and got better. 514 more words

Holding the steering wheel – is there a right way?

Out-of-control motor vehicles can cause great harm. Therefore, learning how to drive in a way that maximizes control over the direction of their motion is very important. 733 more words

Adventures In Driving

I passed my driving test in February 2016 on my 3rd attempt. It was a great achievement for me and I thought that was the hard part finally over. 285 more words


Driving lesson #17 - 32 weeks

Today was good! I do prefer driving in the daytime, though there is a lot more traffic around in the afternoon, and we hit the school run at the end. 417 more words

Driving Lessons

Have car, will travel

“Why announce this to the world?”, you’re probably thinking. Well, it’s because I can, and because I can.

No really. I passed my driving test. 1,014 more words