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First Blog Post

Well here goes nothing.

I’ve made a page entitled “Me, My Blog and I” which tells anyone who stumbles across this and wants to click on the link a little about me. 379 more words

After Uni

Maryland took parallel parking off its driving test — because too many people were failing, instructors say

No one can say for sure whether this will lead to an uptick in dented car bumpers and curb-gouged tires. But Maryland has announced that demonstrating an ability to parallel park — an impossible skill to master for a lot of motorists — is no longer a requirement for getting a driver’s license in the state. 1,128 more words


I passed the Norwegian driving test!!

This has been hanging over my head for months, and it’s caused a great deal of pessimism and anxiety in the past few weeks while I’ve been preparing. 693 more words

Daily Life

How I Failed My Driving Test

Never one to turn away from a good content opportunity, here is my account of how I failed my driving test. May many young drivers learn from it.

Read the gruesome tale.

Daytime Wanderings

Driving instructor hit the streets with the Real Milwaukee hosts, how did they do?

(WITI) — The Real Milwaukee hosts took their driving test all over again. So, how well did they handle the wheel, turn signals, and turning in general? 22 more words


God is good!

These past few days have been a little crazy…but I passed my license test!! (Second time’s a charm, haha). I was honestly so scared I would fail again, but my instructor was a guardian angel. 67 more words


Silver Linings

In my Creative Writing classes if we used the cliché of ‘Every Cloud has a Silver Lining’ we’d be in for it. I hadn’t really thought of things being that way but Dani sent me a text the other day reminding me and I thought, yeah actually she’s right. 437 more words