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Failing My Driving Test 

Well, my driving test didn’t go exactly as I planned.

As you can see from the title of this post, I failed. Admittedly, it wasn’t particularly my fault, but rather the fault of an Audi driver who tried to get in front of me at a rounadabout (probably trying to avoid being stuck behind a learner driver). 106 more words

General Life Update (Part 2)

Nearly the weekend!

I visited the dentist on Monday, surprisingly he was very good with me and explained everything that was happening with my teeth. Of course I need fillings, I wasn’t expecting anything else. 373 more words


Taking My Driving Test

As this is following my life adventures, I feel I should share one of the next big steps in my life, taking my driving test. 217 more words

How I (FINALLY) passed my driving test

Hi all,

Hope everyone is well!

If you read my last blog post, you will have noticed that I had mentioned the hard work that I have been putting in to pass my driving test. 1,040 more words


I made it !!! Officially able to drive on the road :)

As some of you may know, I started learning to drive since April'17. So today 3 Aug'17, I'm officially allowed to drive on the road, after 1st attempt of driving test💃🏼💁. 1,182 more words

Living In SG

How I Passed My Driving Test (First Time)

So about a month ago I passed my driving test! Here is my experience and some of my tips for passing your driving test:

Lessons: I had two hour lessons every week (pretty much) from mid January to the start of July. 437 more words


Life update: From May to now

I’ve just finished posting the latest Japan trip’s entry, but I thought I’d keep on with another blog entry. Better keep the momentum going xD I’m really not sure how to start or what to include so we are just going to let my fingers take over and see where they take us? 1,089 more words

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