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My interest in the motor car is only modest (at best) and my interest in the hosting of a comedy show about them almost non-existent.  I do find the engineering used in some fascinating and the aesthetics of most puzzling.   538 more words

Driving Test Anxiety

What’s a life without mountains to climb? Everybody has things that they fear or things that get their hearts racing, whether that’s by choice or a lovely thing that us human beings like to call nerves. 811 more words


Driving Mad

Of course driving is intrinsic to a being a motor mechanic. There is no way even now for someone to be able to do the job properly, understanding the way a vehicle works and diagnosing faults if you can’t drive. 2,486 more words

Motor Vehicle

Passing Grade

I can’t get no passing grade!

I can’t get no passing grade!

‘Cause I try and I try and I try and I try

I can’t get no, I can’t get no! 253 more words


In Theory

One step towards me passing my driving test, today I’m taking my theory exam. I’m terrified I won’t pass. But at the same time, I know that I do know what I need to know in order to pass. 183 more words

Begging For A Pass

She did it!

There was a time in my life that I dreaded this upcoming season of life. As I held my babies, I felt such sadness at the thought of them growing bigger. 414 more words

Review No.161!

Egle Vasiliauskaite, has kindly left A-Class Driving School their 161st review on FreeIndex.co.uk.  Egle, passed her driving test recently with the help of her driving instructor, Dave Allenby, and here’s what she had to say about her time with us. 158 more words

A-class Driving School