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Chatty Tuesday 

Ello everyone, I hope you’re all doing well.

I’m still really struggling with what to write about on here, just can’t seem to get my head into a writing mood lately. 567 more words


Not Passing Your Driving Test The First Time.

Today I’m talking about my experience about not passing my driving test the first time and about the enormous amount of pressure that we seem to be under when it comes to that all important result. 1,021 more words


My First Ever Panic Attack Experience

Thanks for coming back to my blog and I hope you enjoy this very long post!

I’d like to think I’m quite a closed person and that I don’t share my problems with others purely because I believe I am either overreacting or that others won’t understand what I’m talking about. 1,337 more words

stationary car conversation: my future in the balance

The tension seemed palpable in the room or should I say car.  Moments before I had switched the engine off, via a button and not with a key like I’d done so often with the car before.  896 more words


5 things I say regularly when I'm driving

Great news today that, thanks to a Royal decree, women in Saudi Arabia will be allowed to drive. It’s impossible to comprehend such a level of sexism being acceptable in a modern day society, but obviously Middle Eastern countries operate differently to those in the West. 790 more words

Life And Living

Before you register for the Kenyan driving test - do you have a postal address?

When you register for your driving test, you need to provide your address. This is where NTSA will mail your new driving license. Kenyan residents have four standard choices for delivery points. 438 more words

Rā 267 Rātu 26 o Mahuru

Another milestone reached as my boys grow up. Aonghas passed his driving test today!