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Australian Licensing in Japan

Hello sorry for my recent lapse in blog posts. I have gone and completely derailed my blog post everyday challenge. It happened sort of gradually but then the whole thing fell apart. 887 more words


The Mobile Billboard

I was passed one day, on the inside, in rainy weather and heavy traffic, on a notoriously busy road by a person who used the old ploy of zooming up the road shoulder and then lurching into the lane. 125 more words

Man Talk

Do You Believe In Guardian Angels?

Do you believe in Guardian Angels? I have come to believe that there is someone or something that is watching over us. A couple of recent events that made me come to believe: There’s an intersection I drive through nearly every day where there is no stop light. 266 more words

Angels Driving

First Accident

His diving was erratic. She was speeding to try to catch up with him. He had been at the bar again and she was worried about him driving home. 124 more words

Daily Prompts

Smoky Mountain National Park

Part of my itinerary on this weekend trip was to visit the Smoky Mountain National Park. I knew beforehand that I couldn’t hike the beautiful trails in the park after the BFC race. 241 more words


Self- Preservation

As someone who tries to walk to work as often as is practicable, my sense of self-preservation is quite well honed.  If I get the timing wrong then I have to protect my ankles from the fleet of scooters from children on the way to school, or their parents juggling scooters on the walk home.   757 more words


Environmental Hazards

Minor spoilers for rackets and story in Mafia 3


First, what the fuck is with Point Verdun? I have the booze and the loan sharking quests, and they’re all, like, two feet apart. 1,226 more words