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#atinylife TrafficLights

The village has temporary traffic lights again.

As I wait on red, a tree in the graveyard jiggles. It’s almost a percussive movement – the bird bustles high above the lights. 115 more words


Top Five Hybrid Supercars of the Modern Age

I fiercely gripped the wheel, my palms were instantly soaked with fearful sweat as my fingers clasped tightly around its directing helm.

  The tyres screeched beneath me as they soared around the cliff edge, a rapid dart between brake and acceleration twisting my course away from its perilous abyss.   1,083 more words

Roadside Memory

I close my eyes hundreds of times a day for

Blinking or resting, or to contain a single thought

Budding, but every time I do she runs forward… 61 more words


Driving on the wrong side of the road

Just got back from a trip to Italy with a bunch of friends. It was great fun, got some sun and some needed R&R.

For this trip though I agreed to driving one of the hired cars. 741 more words


Europe #27- The End.

The time had finally come for my final drive. Being so near to home, on the British motorway and having successfully driven through 11 countries (and unsuccessfully through Austria) I didn’t consider the possibility of breaking down or having any navigational issues but foolishly presumed it would be a quick coast home, a stroll across the midlands. 1,221 more words


A New Journey.

John Henry Landreth. How is it possible to love you more with every passing year? How is it possible you embark on a new journey with this birthday? 710 more words


getting ready to hit the road--nomad style.

i’ve spent the past month getting ready to hit the road. nomad style. i’ve been selling possessions, buying more crap, coordinating/consulting/commiserating…and,

i. can’t. wait!
i’m about to leave–i just moved all my stuff from one storage to a larger storage unit so it would be easier and i could split it with a friend, essentially making it cheaper. 382 more words