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Dear Everyday Driver,

This is probably just going to be another opinionated writer with another rant. And yes.. I do plan to be opinionated and have a good rant. 832 more words

This Land (II)

Another one of the sights on I35 to San Antonio from Dallas is the dome hut farm. I’m sure it’s called something else, but that’s how I always thought of it. 905 more words


Feels like it should be tomorrow.

The only thing I’ve got going on is that I’ve been awake for forty hours.
Been driving west since early early this morning but winter weather rolled in as I rolled out. 243 more words

My Ninth Driving Lesson: Short, Sweet, Sleep-Deprived.

So I had semi-formal yesterday, and if you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a school dance filled with way too much food and way too much dancing over the course of four hours. 169 more words


Getting Stopped By The Police While Naked And A Three-Way Split Screen

Dream 1

I am not sure if my brother CC was in the second dream or not, and so I will separate this dream from the other dreams from last night. 579 more words


Food for thought: Where is your dependency?

Today was a beautiful day, until it no longer became beautiful. My friend was celebrating her birthday with a beautiful brunch and she looked sooo amazing! 626 more words


I Am Where I'm Going

I’m not ready to purchase GPS for my automobile navigation needs. It’s not an anti-technology thing. It’s mostly pride and a little that I want to turn the radio up and sing and not listen to someone ordering me around. 600 more words