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Squat Thrusting into the Heart of the Sun: An interview with Alpha Male Tea Party

Interviewing Alpha Male Tea Party is no mean feat.

When I first interviewed the trio, back when Ben had only just joined the band and I was but a young, beardless pup, the conversation veered off topic within the first few minutes… 1,006 more words

Birthday Cake For Breakfast

C3PO Goes Where You Go

The second design in the Star Wars shoe line from Irregular Choice was revealed today, and it’s C3PO! A perfect companion to the R2D2 heels… 18 more words

Star Wars

You Disproportionate Glob of Grease

Some builders are ever in search of the topic they’re good in. It took seb toutouille a while, but there’s no denying he has found his speciality. 315 more words


BB-8 meets kittens and puppies

By now you are probably tired of seen the new Star Wars hot toy BB-8.

What you maybe haven’t seen is how kittens react to it. 7 more words


1175: BB-8

This guy is adorable, and I swear, I’m gonna get good at this painting thing. He’ll be with me and for sale at Taking Flight 11… 11 more words


Friday Favorites, #3

Just how did it get to be late Friday afternoon, and I’ve essentially accomplished nearly nothing all day? I did manage to walk three miles this morning, and take a shower (I know those within my vicinity are super happy about that). 337 more words


Assault Android Cactus Is Getting Locked N' Loaded To Take Out Those Pesky Droids This Month

Prepare yourself as you take on the role of Cactus, an enthusiastic police android, who responds to a distress call from a stranded space freighter. Unfortunately being stranded isn’t the worst of it, the robots onboard have turned against the crew and are taking the freighter by force. 98 more words