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Marvel Comics Star Wars Spotlight: Droids – The Protocol Offensive


By Tj Dietsch

Star Wars Spotlight: Droids – The Protocol Offensive

Anthony Daniels co-writes C-3PO’s 1997 adventure! 757 more words


Episode 10: September 12th, 2017

JJ is back to finish what he started! After last week’s news that Colin Trevorrow had been relieved of his duty as the director of Episode IX, Tuesday brought the announcement that the man who awakened the Force would be capping off the Trilogy he started. 55 more words


What I Think About These New Additions To The Last Jedi

So, Force Friday has come and gone and now it seems like Lucasfilm is pushing full throttle into the advertising stage. Yay! And with more advertising comes more insight into the movie at hand. 536 more words


Update and a little spiky dude

Hey everyone, hope this week is treating you well.

As an update, the first book in the new scifi series is ticking along nicely and we have tentatively picked the working title to be… 184 more words


My Phone Broke!

A few days ago, on my way to school I noticed my phone’s screen was purple, and wasn’t responding. It was glitching with a bunch of vertical lines. 269 more words

Episode 9: August 31st, 2017

The Phantom Menace Revisit Pod! At long last Chris & Mike are joined by Ryan & Sam to discuss the film that changed everything in the Star Wars galaxy. 68 more words


The Top Five Droids in Star Wars

What would Star Wars be without its droids? C-3PO and R2-D2 were really the first characters to be introduced to audiences way back in 1977 and I have loved them ever since I first saw them in The Phantom Menace. 966 more words