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Are you not Entertained!?

Well that was a whole lot of fuss about nothing… ish 345 more words

Star Wars

Nerdageddon’s Bitterne-Con

I recently took my Raspberry Pi chatbot Woggle down to Bitterne-Con to show it off a little and to hopefully encourage others to make their own. 207 more words


Sci-Fi Side - Chapter 1

“Do you think he’s one of them?” asked AX17.

“Could be, but who cares.” said RZ22 as he sipped on his libation, cherishing the flavour of every drop. 629 more words

Creative Writing

Droids and Why I Lose Sleep Over Them

Hello everyone and welcome to the Sarlacc Pit! This week I will be discussing a topic that regularly bothers me when thinking about Star Wars: droids. 2,084 more words

An R2-D2 Inspired Robot Could Bring Happiness To Lonely Elderly People

Even if you disagree with them on politics, pop culture, and everything that you enjoy about life, you still love your grandparents. But what if they live far from you and you can’t visit them as often as you like? 243 more words


Body & Skin Part 4!

Today I will be drawing out and cutting the outer layers for his skin. I already have the front and back of the inside layer cut out and ready. 363 more words