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The Mystery of Edwin Drood Opening Weekend: Two Performances, Two Different Killers

Was it Jasper with the wrench in the study? Or was it Princess Puffer with the candlestick in the kitchen?

The beloved author Charles Dickens was full halfway through the creation of the greatest mystery of our time when he committed the one ungenerous deed of his noble career…he died! 319 more words


Quick recap while I wait for servers to go back up

The guild started raiding this weekend, and I’ve been told it was a success! They completed heroic Highmaul on the first night and did some BRF on Saturday. 292 more words

Tales of the insecure bear

When my druid hit 100 as she finished the Nagrand quests, she was spec’d guardian and feral. I decided I didn’t want to dps with her so I respec’d feral to resto. 439 more words