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Dr. Timothy Sloan: “Prayer Is Not Taught, It’s Caught” [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Dr. Timothy Sloan spends a Meditation Monday with the morning show family! He discusses how prayer is instrumental in finding one’s purpose in life, and its importance in building a relationship with God. 146 more words

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Dr. Marcus Cosby: “We Don’t Seek God, We Seek What We Want” [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Dr. Marcus Cosby discusses meditation as an extension of the act of actively seeking God. But he explains how people go about that in a misguided way sometimes, seeking what they want out of God, rather than what He says is right for us. 146 more words

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Pastor Timothy Sloan On What It Really Means To Pray Without Ceasing [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Pastor Timothy Sloan discusses prayer as way of communication and relationship-building with God. He clarifies what it truly means to pray without ceasing, and not just the act of it, but the intention behind it. 131 more words

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