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US marketers: Would you outsource marketing tasks to someone outside of the US?

Proper marketing and advertising isthe lifeblood of any business. Done right, it helps you grow. Done wrong it will kill your business fast.

If you are talking about common marketing tasks that are not specific to your product or market, you may be able to use outsourced foreign marketing for repetitive tasks. 153 more words

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Types of businesses

Hello friends, hope my Pooja’s Business Insights series has tickled the hidden business person inside you a bit ☺️ . So, lets continue without wasting any more time. 430 more words


What are your responsibilities regarding shipping and delivery when you drop ship?

The clock will start ticking for the carrier calculated shipping when the tracking number is entered in the system. It is all up to you, the seller, to have a negotiated agreement with your supplier about how long they will take to process your order and ship product. 440 more words

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How long should your ad copy be?

Your eCommerce site is probably your one and only chance to be a superstar. Writing good unique sales copy is an art form and is the best chance you will have to let your customers know exactly what you are selling, what it will do for or help them with, and why they should buy from you instead of all of the other suppliers selling similar products. 502 more words

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When Should You Automate your Drop Shipping Company?

Let me start by saying that drop shipping is not a passive business. You can’t just throw a few items on a website and never worry about or pay attention again. 557 more words

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Is it possible to earn a high 6 figure income drop shipping?

If you are trying to earn a high 6 figure income, I assume you mean maybe $500,000.00 to $900,000.00 per year, you would have to have an extremely unique, high dollar value product or group of products to sell and have virtually zero competition to cut your selling prices or divert sales. 441 more words

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Can You make 4-5 K each month Drop Shipping?

Yes, you can make 4–5 K per month with only 10 hours work per week but you probably won’t do it!

You would need an extremely unique, high demand item to sell and marketing and advertising programs in place to deliver your message cost effectively to your target audience. 174 more words

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