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Rainbow Spin

I have a serious obsession with fiber.┬áIt’s kind of becoming a problem.

I learned how to spin yarn on a drop spindle a little more than a year ago and have since spun my own yarn twice. 324 more words


Weekend with Niddy Noddy

What the heck is a niddy noddy… I didn’t have a clue until Madgeface (feel like I am mocking her when I call her that… 570 more words

How To

Married Spinsters in Training

The word spinster originally meant a female spinner of thread, specifically an unmarried woman. Spinster eventually came to connote a woman who was not only unmarried but also beyond the expected matrimonial age. 501 more words


In A Spin

I really think spinning has become a serious addiction. It’s so easy to get carried away… just one more piece… oh no, there’s a pink bit, can’t stop now… you get the picture! 388 more words


Things I Learned From My First Attempt At Spinning

Fortunately for everyone, this post is about spinning yarn and not break dancing, though I’m sure my attempts at that would be fascinating too (and possible a lot funnier!) MrCraft made me a lovely drop spindle, as promised, and after watching a handful of YouTube videos I decided it was time to take the plunge and give it a whirl (sorry, awful pun). 546 more words


Natural Wools For a Pod and Weaving

I made another bird pod last week, this time using various natural grey wools. The pictures aren’t the best because when I went to take photos yesterday afternoon, it suddenly went really dark, then we had the most… 435 more words

Wet Felting


I’ve been having the same conversation lately with multiple people, it seems… 243 more words