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Hand Spindles: The Oldest Machine

Ancient humans had to meet some very important and basic needs. Food, water, and shelter are the main ones people first think of but an outer layer of protection for the body was also very important to early man. 702 more words


The Humble Beet's Guide to Identifying a Fake Spinning Wheel

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Over the winter I learned how to spin fibre into yarn using a drop spindle. Spinning is one of those gloriously tedious activities you can zone out to for hours on end while you unknowingly bust through Netflix’s entire inventory and/or develop chronic, debilitating tendonitis, or at least some pretty calloused fingertips. 826 more words


Permission to be a selfish knitter.

Last week my OH had a rather big birthday and I wanted to celebrate it in woolly style. I decided I would make him a new knitted sweater but as he is quite fussy I thought the best course of action was to involve him in the process from the start, choosing the pattern, picking the colours and yarn etc. 817 more words


Prep for Spinning

So I have been very busy spinning yarn from roving as of late. I have always been terribly naughty and never prepped my yarn. No wonder it took so long!! 299 more words

Spinning wool

I’m not quite sure that this belongs here, but I’ve decided it’s going here anyway. So I’ve been browsing pinterest as you would do and I came across a pin about spinning you own wool. 316 more words

Drop Spindle

Spinning on a Drop Spindle

I’ve always done a lot of working with yarn, but I’ve never actually made my own yarn. Thanks to a spur-of-the-moment purchase of 16oz of Merino wool roving and a lovely little drop spindle, that has changed. 112 more words


Spinning Shenanigans

So as you may have already gathered from many a comment on this blog, I have a part-time/full-time job that takes a bit of my time. 215 more words