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Planning for Spring events heats up

Early warmth has brought everything out of hibernation- including us. Just because you haven’t heard much of late from Urban Cloth doesn’t mean nothing is going on- just the opposite, and thought it time to post a bit of what we are up to. 429 more words

Wheel Wednesday: 15 in 2015

I have been trying to participate in the whole 15 in 2015. Which essentially means, 15 minutes of (in this case) spinning a day in 2015. 566 more words


Journal: 1 February 2015

Today my big news is that I finally finished my spinning! I still have to ply it (or decide not to), but I am so glad to be done with the spinning. 743 more words


Off to a Good Start!

Well, I got the second assignment back yesterday. I won’t get into the specifics of marks, but I will say this… I AM keeping my promise to Mom to do my best. 540 more words


Spinning Standing Up

I’ve always been the type of drop spindler who spins sitting down. When I started I decided to sit because when my spindle inevitably came crashing to the ground it would have less of a distance to fall and would be less likely to break. 211 more words


New year, inspired!

Happy new year!  Our holidays were spent back home in Jamaica.  It was the mix of what we call Christmas breeze, friends and family that made this trip extra-special. 669 more words


Spindle Assignment - The Process

Continuing on with the assignments, I’m now onto the spindle portion. A year ago this would have scared the bejeepers out of me. Not anymore. I wrote about my… 89 more words