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Dramatically Detailed Droplet

This photo is so detailed, I love the focus on the crabapples in the centre. The droplet of water on the crabapple is stunning and catches the eye. 19 more words

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Xcode Swift playgrounds 3: shell scripts, droplets, and actions

Last time I looked at scaling, ease of producing little scripts, and had my first success in scripting file actions using Xcode’s Swift playgrounds. This next session tried to ride that same wave of success, looking at making command shell calls, producing droplet apps, and folder actions. 739 more words


Free In My Love!

November, 16, 2016

“My Love is a Love Unrivaled. My Love breaks through the darkness and comforts the lonely heart. My Love dispels all evil works of the enemy and it brings My Children to safety. 214 more words


Capturing the Water Droplet

One of the simplest and coolest photo art projects to do is photographing water droplets. These images were captured on the same day with the same setup. 147 more words

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Dispersed, Detailed Droplets on Dropped Leaf

This leaf has dropped from an oak tree far above. The detail in this photo is lovely, I like how the small and dispersed droplets cover the leaf, this creates small sparkles of light all over it which adds interest and excitement.

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To break through a fog. 
To fall.
Then fly.
Through the mist and droplets.
Through the clouds–the sky.
To splash. To lie.
In the stillness And damp. 14 more words