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Friends: The Hidden Dropout Prevention Heroes

What if one of the most effective tools in reducing dropouts is sitting right next to the student who needs help the most?


In a recent article from the BBC ( 595 more words

Dropout Prevention

Who Are The Difference-Makers in Dropout Prevention?

Who are the difference-makers?

Someone has made a difference.  There’s a lot to celebrate in the realm of dropout prevention.  The graduating class of students in the US in 2016 reached a new record, with a graduation rate of 83.2%, continuing an upward trend of over four percentage points since 2010. 369 more words

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Fifteen Effective Strategies for Dropout Prevention

In yesterday’s blog, we talked about 21  factors that might predict which students are most at-risk of dropping out.  Today, the antidote:  fifteen effective strategies for dropout prevention, based on the research of the National Dropout Prevention Center (NDPC). 368 more words

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So, Exactly Who is "At-Risk"?

We often talk in education about “at-risk” youth, and the National Dropout Prevention Center (NDPC) recently concluded its annual At-Risk Youth Forum.  So, exactly who is “at-risk”? 402 more words

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Reducing Dropouts Is Everyone's Business

What do we do to reduce the number of dropouts?  Each year, young people make the decision to withdraw from school before they have earned a high school diploma.   568 more words

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When We Don’t Cultivate Our Most Gifted Students

When I was in primary school it was recognized that I finished my schoolwork quickly. The school was well prepared for high achievers, and once a week a small group of us would be shipped off to a special class to challenge our minds. 945 more words