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Happy 30th Birthday, GIF!

In celebration of our good friend GIF’s 30th birthday, we’ve put together a little presentation all about its life, history, and future! Please check it out in handy Google Slide format: 676 more words

Questionable Advice & Information

Products I Love: Tessemae's All Natural

New products are constantly popping up on the market and thanks to clever wording and branding, it can be really hard to know when something is actually healthy or not. 664 more words

Dropping Knowledge

Can we please just...


All parents. Every variation of the word “parent.”

All of us.

Can we just agree to give a shit about our kids enough to make them do things they don’t want to do? 1,081 more words

How I Roast Vegetables

Roasting is by FAR my favorite way to eat vegetables and incorporate them into my meals. I wouldn’t eat nearly as many as I do if it weren’t for roasting. 551 more words

Kitchen Chronicles

Let's Talk Kombucha

Today on the blog, I’m talking about Kombucha. If you’re currently asking, “uhh kom-what?” You aren’t the only one. I’m constantly getting questions about this drink, like “what is it?” and “what makes it so great?” So, let’s dig in. 643 more words

Dropping Knowledge

Healthier Snack Bars: My Top 3

It’s no secret that life is crazy/frantic/busy and, sometimes, I need options that I can grab quickly and on-the-go to keep my appetite in check until my next meal. 587 more words

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