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A flame in my heart is burning through my chest

and my stomach churns from the butterflies fluttering within.

The dark smut that was in my sights… 59 more words



I stick with my fam,
those who got my back
better than any chiropract.
These are crazy fools that
keep it real and crude.
We cum like glue
and stick together
like gum to shoes. 74 more words

Me vs Me

I will shine bright.

For there is no fine for the illuminating light my love will shed with might.

So it’s time to take on life, headfirst. 72 more words


Dog Training

I haven’t felt you in a while,

I wonder if my words were too vile.

I regret nothing,

for it’s what my heart’s barking

Now muzzled, by the terrible struggle… 7 more words



There’s a limit to how “close” friends from work should be.

They’re people who keep one sane during the dread of long working days.

Folks who share memes, joke in-between meetings… 110 more words