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You're Sh****g Me!

Excuse me a second…

  • Grapes? Check.
  • Strawberries? Check.
  • Pomegranate? Check.
  • Cherries? Check.
  • Corn syrup? Check.
  • Molasses? Check.

Now, just stick them on the blender here. Oh, a lid! 900 more words


Alabama city cracks down on diaperless horses

SELMA, Ala. — The west Alabama city of Selma is planning a crackdown on what one councilman says is a big problem: Horse droppings.

The City Council passed a law three years ago requiring that horses wear diapers when on city streets, but Councilman Michael Johnson says riders aren’t following the law. 93 more words


Operation to get underway to rid Toronto police marine unit boathouse of barn swallows

Toronto police are bringing reinforcements in an ongoing battle to rid their boathouse of winged invaders they say pose a threat to officers’ – and possibly the public’s – safety. 463 more words



No great photographic wonder here.  That is a bat dropping.  Eww…

Bats, themselves are simply bats, they are not vampires nor evil.  But as wild animals they do get into some icky stuff, they can carry disease and leave it behind in the form of guano.   117 more words


Termite Droppings Signify Termite Infestation

Termites are small tiny insects which feed on cellulose commonly found in wood. Termites play a significant role in nature by helping in speeding up the decaying process of fallen trees to create room for new life. 2,005 more words


We shun it. We flush it away. Coping with coprolites.

Generally, we have no use for it, or at least we convince ourselves we don’t, conveniently ignoring the fact that faeces of one kind or another (even our own) have fertilised our food for millennia. 883 more words


2016 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Clemson EDGE Shaq Lawson

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Few defensive ends can boast the well-developed all-around game of Clemson defensive end Shaq Lawson, who plays the run as well as any edge in the draft. 895 more words

2016 NFL Draft