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July 1st 2015: Bonds.

You meet different people every day. Some you will never see again, but others have the power to completely change your life. All my life I’ve been great at dealing with people, usually I can befriend them rather quickly and form a bond with them. 655 more words


A poem by 13 year old me.

I am Anything. 

I am wonderful dreams.

I am horrible nightmares.

I am amazing ideas.

I am a determined athlete.

I am a petrified prisoner. 71 more words


Christmas on Cook St.

I still remember the day I almost lost all my fingers. It was probably one of the greatest Christmas’s of my life. For almost two weeks I had been eyeing this huge box the size of four Costco pizzas placed side by side to make one giant square. 278 more words


A Collection of Memories, The Beginning

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been lost, but I can tell you that’s been a damn long time. I remember when I had myself figured out, I was still utterly confused about life but at least I was happy. 326 more words


Gathering Stripes

New piece to add to the wardrobe of my little prince :)

To be fair, the sun today is so high and shines so bright, that I will be really brief and get off to enjoy the beginning of the Spring: 52 more words


Warmy. Cozy. I'll sleep in it!

These are the first things that pop into my head when thinking about my new hoodie :)

Well ok ok, it’s last year’s FO, but showing it just now :) 201 more words


and it rains...

Whilst they came late I was moaning… but I am loving how they are extending their stay… :) :)