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Drops super sale

As my stash already fills a complete drawer cabinet, I actually did not plan to buy more yarn. Any knitter will know, things usually turn out differently. 120 more words


Hat patterns in the making.

It’s amazing how life works… You just never know where it will twist and turn to and what new beginnings might come from something you thought wasn’t anything big. 330 more words


The things I made in December

Better late than never, here is the Christmas stuff I made. Not all of it, I didn’t take pictures of it all. These are the things I thought I should record as they’re all firsts. 504 more words


The rush of December

It’s properly December now and the time I thought I had is pretty much gone. I had lots of ideas for Christmas makes but I have gradually knocked certain things off the list as time disappears. 503 more words


Autumn knitting - a tale of two cardigans

Back to Nanook

In October last year I started knitting a Nanook cardigan in lovely, squishy Drops Nepal. It’s knitted all-in-one, from the top down, which meant that I soon had a lot of stitches on my needle. 633 more words


Beach trip

As I mentioned in my last post, we went to North Devon for the weekend. I am pleasedĀ  to report that the break had the desired effect and we all came back rejuvenated and full of energy. 542 more words