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Ninth SaskPower meter catches fire in Regina this summer

A ninth power meter has caught fire in Regina on Tuesday afternoon, this time in the Normanview West neighborhood.

The fire started at 138 McCarthy Boulevard North. 154 more words


Change is Good

As some of you may know, I live in the house I grew up in. It’s not easy buying a home in the Santa Barbara area on two teachers’ salaries, so my husband and I were indeed fortunate to be able to purchase my childhood home from my mother (who came along with the deal.) 284 more words


August Project Update

We thought it would be a good time for another quick update on what we have been up to, and what we have planned in the next few months. 361 more words

Project Updates

Glen Canyon Dam

Completed in 1966, the Glen Canyon Dam holds back the Colorado River to flood Glen Canyon, forming Lake Powell just upstream from Horseshoe Bend. Looking at the height of white bathtub ring, the water level doesn’t look down much, but a park ranger told me that the reservoir had risen to 55% full after the past wet winter. 560 more words


…or are you?

At the core of my being (in the deeper heart) what is it that causes me to shake?  What (if I were to look honestly) would be the fear which would send shivers down my spine and the hair on the back of my neck stand up? 1,139 more words


Water filters to combat cholera - ShelterBox aid in Somaliland helps families facing drought and disease

Three years of drought in the African state of Somaliland has now left it in the grip of a cholera epidemic caused by dwindling and polluted water supplies. 461 more words


Rainwater harvesting - tapping into a greatly underused resource

This article is specific to the context of the Cape Town drought, but the concepts can be applied in any water-scarce situation where there is the potential to harvest rainwater. 782 more words

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