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NID Fake News?

NID launches a fake news campaign in The Union to support the development of more water collection dams, pointing out that relying on the snowpack is no longer a reliable option due to anthropogenic climate change. 100 more words


A tweet you should read #6 (Cape Town)

You probably read it, and it also crossed my Twitter feed: Cape Town is running out of water.

#CapeTownwatercrisis Cape Town could soon be the first major city in the world to run out of water – our…

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A Tweet You Should Read

Western Cape Drought, Southern Africa Dam Levels January 2018

I have been blogging repeatedly about the Western Cape drought because the crisis has been long looming. Attention is now concentrated on drawing up the plans for when the taps run dry. 872 more words


Weekly Weather: Drought

There is not very much water in Morocco. This is just outside of Marrakesh where the desert begins.

Weekly Weather: Drought

Weekly Weather

Back to the patch

Flying over drought country

where clouds mean nothing

but blobs of shadedrop, back

to the patch, where drooping

vergeheads snooze gently

as the green family feathers… 7 more words


Remembering Cape Town - how to save water

I’m sitting here next to my  swimming pool full of fresh lovely water and thinking about Cape Town. For those who don’t know, Cape Town is days away from running out of water. 211 more words

Approaching Storm Could Bring Denver Biggest Snow So Far This Season

By Chris Spears

DENVER (CBS4) – You must admit that this story has a catchy headline!

But the truth is becoming Denver’s biggest storm so far this season is not a very tall order. 124 more words