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तीव्र दुष्काळाचे चटके..

बारामती परिसरात विहिरी कोरड्या पडल्या आहेत. पाण्याचे अन्य स्त्रोत बंद पडल्याने मोठ्या प्रमाणात पाणी टंचाई निर्माण झाली आहे. तहानचे स्वयंसेवक एप्रिल महिन्यात दुष्काळग्रस्त भागाचा दौरा करत, उंडवडी सुपे गावात गेले तेव्हा परिस्थिती फार भयानक होती.


Even the sea - Friday Fictioneers

There is no water left here.

Well, that’s not strictly true. There is the sea, but of course, it’s not drinkable.

The bottom of the reservoir is still shining with watery residue, but it’s more silt than anything else. 145 more words

Creative Writing

Mister,Walk the Talk

The Journalist Community had been shouting loudly about the Drought situation lately. That sometimes irritated me. But these men inspire.

Yesterday I had a ‘shot laga feeling’! 217 more words


Rain Whisper

Night settled into slumber

windows closed against dark.

A midnight garden moment

of a sinking moon, a rustle

dropping in, clinking against

the dry. Starting, I listened… 21 more words


Languishing Karnataka

It’s never a good sign when a politician claims satisfaction with his performance. More so, when ground realities paint a different story.

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah’s assessment of his 3-year performance is based on the 165 promises listed in his 2013 election manifesto. 289 more words


Venezuelan Patients Dying Amid Lack Of Medicine

Sky News

May 26, 2016

Summary: Venezuela’s economic crisis has extended to its medical treatment. Patients in hospitals are going without sufficient care as overworked doctors deal with a lack of supplies. 71 more words