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Death: A Haiku

To write of the rain
When drought looms o’er this valley
My pen would ask why

The only thing worse than having snow is not having it

That drought bullseye in eastern Colorado increases pressure on Colorado River supplies pic.twitter.com/hr3ckwJ6MK

— John Fleck (@jfleck) March 25, 2017

Over a million people in the Colorado Front Range are in a severe drought.

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Growing vegetables in hot, dry conditions

Following are some tips on how to encourage a productive garden during a hot, dry summer:

  • Choose varieties that mature quickly and produce smaller fruit.
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Humans don't need to suffer like this

This is an opinion piece based on the article below.

How bad does the world have to get before we start to realize that it’s not all clean tap water, endless food buffets and golden toilets that whisk our poop away?  609 more words

Self Reflection

Blue Oak Casualties

Oftentimes during a year of stress, some Blue Oaks shut down, loose their leaves, only to come back to life the following season. But our 4-year drought was too much and too long for whole slopes of oaks, despite above-average rainfall this season. 91 more words


Temperature Roller Coaster Monday & Thunderstorms Tuesday

Tidal Basin shrouded in fog, photo credit Ingrid Richter

A warm front will pass through the Washington Metropolitan Area late this morning allowing temperatures to soar into the middle 70s in DC and possibly close to 80 degrees across our southern exurbs. 245 more words


From my archives

Long before the drought when we still had an abundense of flowers ans this Sunbird was a daily visitor to collect nectar.

Enjoy the new week.   16 more words