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30, safe in the sink
your violet green
has failed to form
humming, pouring
from morning’s static jaw
tracing idle hands
you force your throat…

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Gusto kong matutong lumangoy.

Yung hindi kailangang kumapit sa iba para lang sumaya sa gitna ng malalim na tubig. Yung hindi takot na bitawan dahil baka malunod. 155 more words


Some Days Are Good Days to Die, Some Days You Can Just Argue

As teachers of English, we are expert bullshit detectors. It’s abundantly clear when a student is trying to pad their ideas with excess or did not do the reading or thinking required to write the paper. 1,227 more words

Down the Rabbit Hole

Finally, I came up for air.  I wasn’t even aware I had been holding my breath.  I had employed so many tactics to distract myself, and all that time, I thought I was doing pretty well. 278 more words

Lady Clare

Forlorn, as if the lake
rose to meet the moon halfway,
as if light on petals, mourned.
John Biscello

Lover murdered at lake

September 6, 1952
Sharonville, Ohio
Betty Butler strangles and drowns her lover, Evelyn Clark

Butler, Clark, and a friend named Dezzie Ivory had been fishing at the lake in Sharon Woods. 140 more words

Female Killers

21. Forbidden!

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

Yes, you saw right. I’m still alive. Sorry, this post has been in my drafts for ages but I haven’t been getting a chance to edit it. 1,106 more words