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Sea of Thoughts

Inside my sea of thoughts,


Hopes, a dark presence.

The pain, the shadows to keep you,

To grasp you, to never let go.

To rip you from comfort. 42 more words

Be Afraid To Swim No More

Hey you! Yeah I’m talking to you! The one in the cute bathing suit but because you don’t know how to swim or have an overwhelming fear of drowning you’re chained to the outskirts of the pool or beach chumming it up with the keg or being a spectator. 90 more words


Escaping the Clutches

     Much earlier in the book I had researched the weaknesses of vampires and even brought it in. One of the lesser known ones is their susceptibility to water, being unable to cross could be used against them. 240 more words

Hold my breath and wait

I hold my breath and wait to drown,
I fell, I failed, I stayed, I sailed
Around the world, still the same air I inhaled. 320 more words

Forgotten Valley

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Cracked tears

The tears of the broken-hearted
are not cathartic.

They only drown the bleeding,
and rush the lost down
through its rapids.
.. . unto damnation

These tears provide
no relief.


people ask me of my fears yet
i never reveal that my
biggest one
is my

because sometimes i fall into it and sink… 21 more words