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Walk with me, by the Riverside...

“Waiting is painful.”― Paulo Coelho, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept

Walk with me

By the Riverside,

On the shore.

Let us stand…

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Chloe Lee

There’s a man I see before me
He’s holding someone’s hand
A girl called Chloe Lee
They walk across the sand.

The ocean roars a silent anger… 62 more words

Writing 201


Leaving her an empty shell

to drown in the surf,
He watched as she drowned,
wide eyed and confused.
Each grasping gasping breath,
shooting molten pain through… 85 more words

Collaborative Stuff

Horse Latitudes Part Two

You’re a cruel wind in the horse latitudes
Legs pumping
I drown
in the memory of you,
Cutting clear across my waters

(c) Andrew Spencer 2015… 7 more words



I didn’t know you could feel the weight of the waves crashing over your head when you’re in stagnant waters.

I didn’t know you could drown either.


Just A Little Hectic

Just a little hectic
Swimming under water
Fighting ferocious tides
Pulling you to and fro
Suddenly you panic and you struggle
There’s frustration and you’re frightened… 25 more words