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I’m never usually THIS talkative.

I’m always the silent one, sitting in the corner, judging the heck out of everyone, lacking the skills of socializing perhaps the reason being, I’m vaguely freaked out by the very thought of human beings. 288 more words

Seriously Unserious Stuff.

Freedom Resurfaces

I think                                      thoughts of you

The water’s                            taking me under

     Drowning me                                            again

I forget                                    I almost neglect

 To remember                                   that today

I can tread water                           I can swim… 49 more words


"Your Love is Gonna Drown." (2011)

Four years later and I still cannot believe that this actually ended up looking like something vaguely human.

Yay! :D

I am also one hundred percent sure (if my senile memory serves) that I dipped watercolour pencils into a pint of gin and used them almost as paint sticks to fashion this rather sad woman.


Camp Nursing: Aspirations and Airways

It’s only a few days into actually working as a wellness assistant, with the qualifications of a nursing student, that an emergency occurred. To give some background information, for my position I do quite a few things. 526 more words


Laying awake..

Well I’m so tired of the rain, falling softly on the ground

just enough to get my feet wet, but not enough to let me drown.

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Dark and obscure. I almost tripped when I entered. There was a different kind of gloom in this place, a kind where only few people would come and reside. 425 more words