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No energy left

The mucus has claimed it all

It tries to drown me


Story Time | I Nearly Died.

no the title is not misleading, I almost died, it quite possible the most tragic way ever…

strap yourself in for another story time post, 382 more words


It's a Story Untold

Darkness overwhelms

I promise I am not anemic,

The failure prevails..

Yet with every breath I get colder

Satisfaction is just a gratitude,

Every attempt I get frigid, 

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Some Nights - Poem of the Week

Some nights, I am content with myself. Other nights I feel like I’m completely defeated with only the smell of poison on my lips. I ask myself the same question over and over again… “Where were you?” Where were you that night? 260 more words


Jesus Will Be With Me

When I go through water’s deep
Jesus will be with me

When billowing waves overtake
With me, He will still be

When at night I fall fast asleep, 264 more words



Understanding grief is hard until you experience it for yourself. Can you imagine pain so heavy it pulls you so far underwater that no matter how long and hard you swim, you still cannot break the surface? 629 more words

Junot Diaz

Quick Facts

  • Born December 31, 1968
  • Raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and New Jersey, USA
  • Teaches at MIT
  • Attended the MFA program at Cornell University…
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