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Opportunity to Promote Swimming among African-American Children

Just concluded 2016 Olympics at Rio had many memorable moments that included the retirement of the most decorated Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps, and the emergence of Katie Ledecky – call it passing of baton if you may. 362 more words


Rip Current – may look innocent but can be deadly

Polling beachgoers on what they fear most in the seawater almost always comes back with the standard response of ‘sharks’. Very few would cite rip currents; only a fraction of that would know how to deal or even identify rip currents. 394 more words


Q&A: Wild Waves and our water recreation program

The recent tragic death at Wild Waves amusement park has some people wondering what role Public Health plays in regulating pools and spas in King County. 752 more words

Environmental Health

Innovation & Swimming - Helping Resurface

During the summer of 2015, circumstances brought four like-minded high schoolers with similar interests.  The problem in front of us was – why drowning even among professional triathletes was high and what can be done? 60 more words


321 people died in accidental drownings in 2015

New figures released today (July 29) reveal that 321 people lost their lives in accidental drownings in the UK in 2015.

A new report from the National Water Safety Forum (NWSF)has revealed last year’s drowning figures – and it also shows that the majority of those who died did not intend to be in the water. 299 more words

Why are African Americans behind in swimming?

Many a time you will hear: “blacks are not built for swimming” – a myth. Even among the African Americans it’s not uncommon: “swimming is an elite and white sport” – well, another myth. 537 more words


This group is 5 times more likely to drown, says Lifesaving Society

There’s a certain demographic that may want to consider taking swimming lessons this summer: immigrant “tweens” aged 11 to 14.

They’re five times more likely to be unable to swim than their peers, the Lifesaving Society revealed Tuesday in a… 430 more words