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today I:


  • got un-cyborg-ed and stitched up
  • learned how to breathe in tune to lines & diagrams on a weird oculus rift-like headset/eyepiece with a strange bulky snorkel thing in my mouth…
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Mixed Emotions Club

Yesterday was my very last chemo session (!). I hope hope hope it is my last ever. But harsh as it is/was, I am glad it’s a treatment that exists, and a series of types of treatments that are constantly improving through research. 610 more words

Patience and perseverance

It’s mid March. I don’t follow March Madness, but I remember the ‘madness’ of March 2015. That was the beginning/middle of our 6 week hospital stay. 649 more words

Heavy Music, Lighter Times

I hadn’t listened to Heavy Cream’s Super Treatment in a minute, and was suddenly in the mood for it during my chemo sesh today.

All the songs are making me wanna drive around with the stereo cranked.  912 more words

Elastic Clusters and Container Pools

A core tenet of enterprise-ready infrastructure is multi-tenancy. What’s multi-tenancy? Let’s take an example. You are managing two clusters of physical machines for three departments: HR, Finance and Developers. 662 more words

Hosts. Favourites. Egomaniacs.

The main team I haven’t covered yet in my WorldT20 preview is India. I could write all day and all night about the Indian cricket team and the BCCI but I’d end up with blood pressure through the roof. 1,092 more words