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Will not Suffer Fools Gladly?

Will not suffer fools gladly? Hmm! I’ve heard that saying before, as I’m sure many of you have also, and gone ‘Duh. Well who does?’ Thing is, there are people out there who do suffer fools on a daily basis, and many of them, I’m sure, do it gladly. 708 more words

Division 2 - JohnHeavenTerry wins the British GP!

Like the Division one race, the Division 2 race was also hit with a few disconnections; we had a lot of drivers being kicked out due to game crashes and lag, leaving us with just 10 runners at the end of the race… 180 more words

dLO Takeover on Reform Radio 1

Click the link above to listen back to our first dLo Takeover on Reform Radio from 23rd November 2016, hosted by me and Adam dLO… 17 more words

Hip Hop

Round 10 Division 1 - Lakitu wins the British GP!

After a race unfortunately marked by heavy lag, which caused a great number of unreal incidents, the young German driver finally manages to reach the highest step of the podium after a series of unlucky races where he has certainly deserved more than he got. 24 more words

Division 2 - First win for kyr12 (Austria)

The division 2 finnsman wins his first Gp and flies at the top of the league! The duel for the title is already getting interesting in the second division of the DRS. 72 more words

marvinandroid85 wins the Austrian GP

After a fair race, where, however, two safety cars were deployed, the McLaren driver manages to get back to the highest step of the podium with a win. 39 more words

How do the pro's cope?

Honestly, how do the pro’s cope when they have an injury that prevents them from bike time in or outdoors? I have to say I am now really beginning to struggle mentally with it all. 683 more words