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Dead Cats: PaTaxes, 10/07/15, (18)07: James Brody


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Yes Voters; Call re Speaker of the House; VF Patriots meet10/09

LEADS: JOHNSON – Cruz; KRUISER – Donald’s $2 million; Trump Drudge Links; YORK – Confused pundits; GASS – Carly horrifying to libs; RUSHBO – BO & guns; KELLMAN – Chaffetz; LAWLESS – UK tightens borders; INVESTORS – No data on Syrians; WATSON – Drudge sez websites could end. 3,701 more words


Drudge Summary

OK. Big day for Drudge and Hot Air Today.

The DJIA opened low and continues to drop due to news that the workforce is at its lowest since 1977. 149 more words

Looks like Drudge is listening to Art Bell again

While Matt Drudge didn’t link news on the much reach Drudge Report about Art Bell’s return to radio–he did in 2013 with the Sirius deal–a look at headlines being posted on the site makes one wonder if he’s been listening.. 154 more words