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When a right-wing aggregator drives traffic to your news

The Druge Report ‘s clunky interface might even be laughable by early-2000s standards. Like a time capsule from the early internet age, it may be difficult to believe that its founder, Matt Drudge rules a big chunk of the media world. 223 more words

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Just how bigoted are the press? Substitute the word "Black", "Gay", or "Muslim" for "Russian" and you'll find out. Memo to mainstream media: your ugly roots are showing...again

The press has always had a hate for anyone of Russian or Eastern European ancestry. Whenever they had to cover anything from those regions, the inaccurate reportage went something like how Hollywood portrayed Chinese Americans in 1960s sitcoms. 787 more words

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MEDIA WARS...BOOM! Matt Drudge Shows WaPo Who's Boss After Paper Smears Him As 'Russian Operative'

MEDIA WARS…BOOM! Matt Drudge Shows WaPo Who’s Boss After Paper Smears Him As ‘Russian Operative’

They say crying makes the heart lighter...

The drudge marches on.

Tears come to cleanse, to ease, and

Help me see clearly.

You know those days that feel like a roller coaster before you’ve started?  530 more words


Fake News as Hit Piece from Soros' Media Matters

David Brock and George Soros are at it again – lying with fake news to accuse a NEWS AGGREGATE site, the Drudge Report, of the very thing they are doing – putting out fake news. 20 more words

Fake News

Looking over the Drudge headlines I spotted one today, July 4, 2017; by Pat Buchanan that questioned whether America exists as a nation anymore reminding me that I’d written something along those lines a while back. 377 more words