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Surviving an Overdose: Why Your Life is Still at Risk

Drug and alcohol addiction is a very serious and a very harmful issue and problem, to say the least, one of which only seems to get worse and worse as the years go by.  570 more words


There Was A Drug Bust

There was a huge drug bust in our part of the world very recently.

Like everyone else I know, I was relieved.  Relieved that our law enforcement was working to try and curb this enormous blight in our world.   429 more words

Life Chatter

my first ever blog

First of all let me say hello and thanks for taking your time to stop by!

Now for this next part i may more than likely get judged by the majority of you out there (but ya know what if your that narrow-minded to judge a book by its cover then stop reading and fuck off!), where to start is the hardest part for me as the beginning of where things start is hard for me to talk about or even think about because it breaks my heart but the middle and the end (which is where i am right now) are the parts that as much as they make me who ive become in a lot of ways, they also make me the worst part of myself which is the reason i wanted to blog, not only so i can look back on but for YOU the readers! 531 more words

Study Breaks Down Drug Use By State

A study by WalletHub set out to determine where drug abuse is most pronounced and which areas are most at risk.

Pennsylvania is in the middle of the pack, ranked 32nd worst in the country. 10 more words

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Understanding How Drug Addiction Starts on Campus

By Inviolata Wesonga.

High school students make up one of the largest groups of drug abusers in the country. Did I say high school? I meant Colleges and university students are huge consumers of drugs. 387 more words

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