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Poisonous Cucumbers and My Dying Dog

I got to work over today because I’m a little behind and the new office person doesn’t start until next week. Today has been a week since she was fired. 878 more words

Naked Tea Sipping

A pint to remember

Yesterday I drank my last four pints for a year, they were quickly drank as for some reason the knowledge of this forth coming wagon marathon created quite the thirst. 647 more words


Marijuana and Sesame Street?

No, this is not some tell all that the entire staff of Sesame Street, that most beloved of tv childhood icons (certainly in my family with about three sets of kids have learned from it!), were all stoned. 342 more words

Know *DEA* Drug Schedule For Your Prescriptions

The information is from the DEA.GOV website. It’s important to know the Schedule of the prescriptions you take, they may have Government regulations. According to CVS all Class II prescriptions are kept in a safe and only the  688 more words

Moving Forward

Holy Moly life can be so amazing sober - the Daily Marsh

I made it through the dreaded PMS week, first one out of rehab and no one died, a miracle! You think I’m kidding but God has got me through every moment every incident and through prayer and His love I have managed to keep it together. 462 more words

Johannesburg South Africa

Women and Drug Abuse

There’s this new scourge that’s plaguing the Nigerian youth, especially the females in the northern part of Nigeria. The preteens, teenagers, adults, students, married, singles, literates and the not so literate are not left out. 417 more words


The Beatitudes - The daily Marsh

I had a pretty average day, at a really cool place where I seem to fit in working service bar, getting paid absolute peanuts but I love the people and the place. 139 more words

Johannesburg South Africa