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hello ana

I should put a trigger warning on this one.

TRIGGER WARNING: anorexia, eating disorders.

People think that eating disorders go away, that they can be healed and treated completely. 203 more words



Long-legged lady
Dancing on the sidewalk
Her head faced downward
Ass in the air
Shaky thing
She’s barely keeping balance

A short, wide shape
Lies in the room… 97 more words


What does Portugal look like after 14 years of decriminalized drugs?


Since 2001, Portugal has been a country where all drugs (yes ALL drugs) are decriminalized for personal use.

The United States could not even imagine such a bold and daring move, but hey, if it worked for Portugal where the fierce war on drugs reached a dangerous high point, where else could it work?

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Walking on egg shells

Today I left for work with the gut wrenching feeling that my home, personal belongings and son may be at risk. It is such an unsettling feeling to walk away from home not knowing if valuables will still be in place once you return or if your son will still be there…and most importantly…clean and sober. 357 more words

Drug Abuse

When Does a Behavior Become a Disease?

There are plenty of behaviors which are bad for one’s health. Smoking and not getting enough exercise are two things which quickly come to mind. Binge eating. 213 more words

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