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What Does it Take to Rid and Addict of their Addiction?

It is always a hard thing to witness, when a loved one is struggling with substance abuse or alcoholism. You know it’s time they get help, and they know it too!! 306 more words

Drug Abuse

Apply for the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program

The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program is a prestigious program for mid-career professionals. There are 55 Jamaican alumni of the program in a range of different fields, who are now contributing enormously to the country’s development. 659 more words


Pissing Wrong - Contestant #1

Pissing Wrong – Contestant #1


A laughable state of cock. He wasn’t wrong, it hung before him; aiming for everything but the sink. 625 more words


Appalachian Roots

I am from Appalachia, central Appalchia to be exact. Northeastern Kentucky to be even more exact. My roots have a bit of a split personality. Part Appalachian, part Swedish! 454 more words

Legally Sober

The Trials and Tribulations of Getting Sober at 21

I was “that girl” – I partied until I blacked out, I took whatever I was in front of me, I was reminded of embarrassing things I didn’t remember doing the previous night. 841 more words

You Have To Embrace Who You Are, Dark Parts And All

Pardon me while I get real and raw for a minute. This past year, I have been in some kind of a rut. It has been a difficult thing to properly identify and acknowledge because by all accounts these last twelve months have been by far the most transformative, prosperous, and impactful of my life. 701 more words