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The saga continues!

Although Cydney is unable to write and send me her blog posts (due to rules about communicating on social media while in her rehab program), we have decided we will keep this going per our conversations.  1,418 more words

Drug Addiction


He’s an idiot, he’s an ass
He’s fat, lazy, total crass
Totally lacking any class
On this fool you should definitely pass

He’ll talk a good game… 213 more words


Gobo Fraggle – An Alcoholic’s Savior

fuck cancer

So, I will admit this might appear to be all over the place.  It’s not.  Surprisingly this all fits together rather nicely.  Or horribly, depending on how fucked up you are.  1,665 more words


io sono me
sempre la stessa
come prima, lov bloccaggio
porta oscillante ..

a non fare, lasciando cadere
una moneta..
La maggior parte delle volte… 93 more words


Today I gave my patient alcohol wipes to take home with him. He’s a daily IV heroin addict and had the characteristic nodules across each arm from hitting up. 73 more words

I'm never going back!

“It is in the nature of things that joy arises, in a person free from remorse.” ~ The Buddha

I left jail last week.  I entered into a year long program for rehabilitation that I never thought I’d look forward to!   487 more words


It's hard to forget feelings

I don’t know how I feel anymore.

I don’t think about him very often, yet I feel the presence of him and his addiction everywhere I go. 206 more words