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Marlborough Hosts Overdose Awareness Vigil

One thousand, two hundred, fifty six — that’s the shocking number of lives lost to overdose in Massachusetts last year alone. And, here in Marlborough, it’s also the number that these purple flags are representing for International Overdose Awareness Day.

Mental Crisis

So my friends and I were just talking about random stuff as usual when suddenly our topic turned to poems and then about the stories I make… so I ended up making this short story about a businessman courting a psychologist and a musician who turned into a drug addict after so much pressure… And this is the first time I’ve tried writing a story in a third person’s view so if ever there’s something wrong with it, I apologize. 4,187 more words


Homeless drug addict vs. homeless father

I could not believe my eyes at what happened in this video. This lady does not deserve to be on the streets – she is the most selfless person I have ever seen.


Early Monday Morning, June 8

I can’t sleep and my mind travels and starts thinking about my husband/soon to be ex. Somehow, even after everything that’s gone on, I miss him. 239 more words

Letting Go

Wednesday, August 5

After all of the moving/not-moving business this week, I decide I could use a much deserved breather. Thus, after putting Charlie to sleep and leaving him in the care of my mom, I head to the city to meet up with a friend. 377 more words

Single Motherhood