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Tell me mama

Tell me mama!

So you couldn’t handle my flame,

running away from it, what a shame.

All those others bought you knowing your game.

Now I understand why you’re so jaded… 207 more words


Where to start...

I am not really sure how to go about writing these stories I have in my head. Do I do it chronologically or randomly? Do I start with something shocking or something banal? 772 more words



Have you ever been in a car accident and had that moment where your seat belt caught you and your lurched back into your seat? 241 more words


A Pearl Among the Dung...

that is what my husband used to say. My funny, intelligent, good looking, talented, crazy as batshit, drug addicted, alcoholic, dead husband.

This blog is going to be amongst other things, stories about my life with my husband, stories I haven’t really told people in any real detail. 105 more words


The beginning of a life turned upside down

My life before I met Mark was just like any ordinary woman’s. I was busy building my own business, had an active social life, a marriage that seemed perfect to anyone and 3 grown up children who mean everything to me. 122 more words

Drug Addict

Waking up.

Today started with insane amounts of potential. Which were all dashed before 8:30 this morning. (That is pretty early to have your world rock.)(Why do all world rocking things come so early in the morning? 246 more words

Mommy Blog


I’m in my mid forties and holding a good job as a sales director with a medical device company. Beyond the appearance of a career woman who seems to have everything, is an unbelievable story of a woman who is spending a life filled with fears, doubts, loneliness, bouts of insanity, faith, hopes and love, while waiting to be reunited with the love of her life who is incarcerated in Changi Prison till 2020. 20 more words

Drug Addict