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Foreel Inspriational Documentaries! AMAZING!

So after many many youtube visits I also want to watch and hear other peoples journeys on recovery! Sometimes you just stumble upon some great videos. 182 more words




Drug induced past few
these days stupid to do
wound like a corkscrew
was coming long overdo
be out long past curfew
washup and find tuxedo… 26 more words

‘Treat your gay son like a drug addict.’ – says Televangelist Pat Robertson

US Christian evangelist Pat Robertson has advised a mother to treat her gay son like a drug addict.

Speaking on 700 Club, which is aired by the Christian Broadcasting Network, Pat Robertson responded to a mother’s question of how to reach out to her gay son, by telling her not to go along with his “lifestyle”. 138 more words

The Happenings

She is a Neglectful Mother

My daughter got pregnant with her son when she was 17 years old. She and her boyfriend had a very rocky relationship. He was a few years older than her and he didn’t have anything to do with her pregnancy unless she forced him. 1,946 more words

Selling her Son's Toys for her Drugs!

Yesterday, my six year old grandson came in my room and sat next to me to visit me for a while. He said, “The laptop as at a friend’s.” so I asked him what he meant and he said his mom said that she leant it to a friend. 605 more words

Where Does An Addict Get His Money?

The other night I went to Fullerton PD for my DRE certifications as part of the class I completed a few weeks ago. I had an interesting conversation with a suspect and I wanted to share it with people who are not familiar with addicts. 520 more words
Stories From Work

Valley of Shadows-Chapter Fifteen

Nicole opened her front door to find Rachel and Thomas standing on her porch.  Nicole masked her irritation with a frozen smile.  Nicole’s raised eyebrows telegraphed the question, “who the hell is this and why is she on my doorstep?”  Thomas shrugged his shoulders and opened his eyes wide to show he was clueless about the reason for the visit as she was.  1,987 more words

Valley Of Shadows (Novel)