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Mar-la (now hanging @ Tim Hortons- broadway)


Living throughout night

a women who had ball’s

at the break of midnight

it turns into a screw-ball

those blacken of knights

as their easy victory falls… 17 more words



Found wandering throughout

my own distorted mind,

from here to there and thereabout,

eyes wide open, yet blind!

A quest, small walkabout,

with a turn of my head, behind, 25 more words


So yeah. The Zone. Mom was dating a married man. She hid it from us at first but when I discovered it (by finding a love letter) they didn’t care to protect my sister or me from it anymore. 181 more words

Unhealthy Relationships = Self-abuse

As someone who has been in several extremely unhealthy relationships, one thing I have come to realize: staying in unhealthy relationships = aggressive self-abuse. When we stay in – and possibly even seek out — ‘the bad boy’ or the ‘mean girl’ – whatever your fancy – and they repeatedly don’t show up, don’t take care of you, abuse you, be ‘unable to come’ to your family party, to your place, to you…..and yet they want you for sex, for companionship, for their use whenever they feel like it … you are at their beck and call. 164 more words



Art as to be successful

need not to be explain

critics create moments

an artist deems stressful

loving acknowledgements

in regards to compliments

towards thy artist ending… 30 more words

Icy Heart

Icy Heart

Heart felt cold as ice

driven through time

made a lasting choice

seen in pantomime

game of impertinence


The warmth of love

time in exorbitance

from heavens above



Those taking a silent walk

dancing through a dream

within mystery we do skulk

waken to a quiet scream

sip upon a cool icy pulque… 21 more words