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Would You Like Coffee in Your Tequila

Constantine’s terrified, tortured liver

is under siege from an ethanol river.

He’s converted his laundry into a brewery.

The old geezer’s backyard distillery

is flanked by beer can pyramids… 106 more words


Celebrity News: Inside the Whitney Houston Documentary’s Explosive Claims of Childhood Abuse

In ‘Whitney,’ a new documentary which premiered at Cannes, her half-brother claims the late singer and he were molested as children by their cousin, Dee Dee Warwick. 842 more words

Music News

I did coke with a 14 year old.​

Unfortunately, this isn’t clickbait.

I was in a grassy park somewhere on my travels and my naughty friends were swimming in the river (I don’t know if we were allowed to or not, and it made me paranoid about getting into trouble…) They were darting across the cool water, floating along with the current from the weir. 284 more words

I've accidentally lost a stone

When I was in rehab my weight was 156 pounds, which is 11.1 stone, or 70kg.

I weighed myself yesterday. I am currently hitting 142 pounds, which is 10.1 stone, or 64kg. 303 more words

My mum found out I'm taking drugs (again)

The title isn’t clickbait.

She just straight up asked me, and I had no defences. I just told her the truth, not the whole truth though; I don’t want her to be hurt by how bad it’s gotten again. 113 more words

I took drugs in a car while my boyfriend was driving.


I went to see my lovely boyfriend, and as a rabbit with a habit I was in the fortunate position in which I have a green light to use when I need. 614 more words

I got myself a habit

Yeah. So, title isn’t Clickbait.

I’m using so much that I feel like the world is caving in when I don’t. It’s shit.

Pray for me.

Much love,