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Empty Eyes

From knowing a parent who was out on the streets “Lost Mother”, to having your brother show up at door. I know he is addicted to drugs and I know he probably won’t ever be the same on drugs or off drugs but to see him like that doesn’t get old. 116 more words


"I'm going through a tough time and not ready for a relationship"

Sorry this is so long but please read. I need help!

Well, it started the summer before last. 2015. Me & my now ex husband split. 796 more words

Advice Needed

What does it feel like to be a drug addict?


Its relief is not like having a cold drink of water on a hot dry day. The relief is colder.

Its satisfaction is not like having a warm, home cooked meal at the end of a journey. 263 more words


On the third day of Christmeth my dealer gave to me...

Some absolute rubbsish which has legitimately made me question whether I should continue to spend what little money I have on this stuff.

I knew I would get to this point eventually, and some days I wonder “is it worth it” more than others. 222 more words


Hi, here is a dark poem about cocaine

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

One where I rail powdered snow

In my fantasy I feel wired

As I bang that Christmassy blow

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas… 118 more words


Blogger, Student, addict.

Dear Reader,

As you may have noticed in the title, one of the three words listed above is a bit unusual. The truth is, I am 20 and alongside being a (rookie) blogger and a (sort of) student (I’ll address that later), I am an addict. 441 more words


The Necrosis of my SOUL.

The liberal media paint a glossy picture of pornography and masturbation. In my life time there were at least a few people who advocated the usefulness of masturbation and porn, that it helps to relieve stress and sexual frustration. 481 more words