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Summer Time Clean-Up: Refresh Your Client List

It’s summer time, and it’s time to refresh our client lists. This is the most hectic time of the year when most of our business grows and it’s up to us to discard what is no longer needed. 536 more words

Drug Dealer

TOP’s Dope Policy – Charities As Drug Dealers

Media Release 19 May 2017 Family First NZ is labelling The Opportunity Party’s policy on marijuana as flawed and harmful, especially the suggestion that non-profit charitable trusts can apply to control retail sales of cannabis.

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Family First NZ

Money is Never Enough to Help People

I have tried helping countless people thinking that giving them money will help solve all their problems, but I was wrong. Giving them money only complicated their situation and they ended up in worse positions than they were in before. 296 more words

Drug Dealer

Never Be Intimidated

Sometimes there will be people who will try to intimidate you. Some of them will use the size of their body to try to get their way, while others may use threats. 375 more words

Drug Dealer

IMPORTANT: When On The "Do Not Detain" List

When you are high profile, the police won’t fuck with you. Even if you are speeding or doing drug deals in the open, they won’t fuck with you. 386 more words

Drug Dealer

Melvin's Story

Hello officer dressed in blue,

Here is my statement, how do you do?

I’m distraught as you can see, I’m broken and you…

Can’t fix me with glue, 1,406 more words

Country Songs Talk More About Drugs than Hip-Hop

Who would have known that these plain country white folks even know about drugs. My image of them was that they were Sunday morning church goers who sat on their front porches sipping on whiskey all day. 327 more words