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Have you lowered your cholesterol through lifestyle changes?

I chew my food more, added probiotics and some supplements (CQ10, folic+Vit B complex, Calcium+Magnesium+Zinc) and always avoided sugar (but still eats 3 bites of chocolates every other day. 227 more words


Post Worlds...the reverse diet

It has been just over 2 weeks since I placed 5th in the Pro Men’s Bodybuilding Lightweight Division at the  DFAC World Finals down in Miami, Florida.   830 more words


Drug-Free Treatments For Postpartum Depression

About 13 percent of all new mothers experience postpartum depression, which may start to develop within the first week after delivery. Not to be confused with the “baby blues,” postpartum depression is more intense and lasts longer, with such symptoms as severe mood swings, excessive crying, difficulty bonding with the baby, intense anger, severe anxiety, and thoughts of inflicting harm on oneself or the baby. 178 more words

Postnatal Depression

Red Ribbon Week: Snooze-day Tuesday

No picture today, but today was pajama day, aka The Best Day. I like waking up already dressed for work in my softest clothes.

And yet, even though I woke up ready for work, I still left the house late …


Red Ribbon Week at Palombi

This week is Red Ribbon Week at Palombi Middle School.  To support being drug free the Palombi Student Council came up with different things to do every day.   95 more words

Middle School

Red Ribbon Week: Mismatched Monday

This was about all the participation in could muster for the first day of Red Ribbon Week.



I haven’t started my new pills yet. I am afraid.

I’ll start them eventually. I just need some time to be mostly drug free. Weed doesn’t count. 19 more words