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Anti-depressants. Spiritual Awakenings.

In the past two weeks, since coming off Valdoxan, I have come to the conclusion that anti depressant medication is most definitely evil.

The most scary night of my life, the night I had what the GP said was ‘possibly just a bit of serotonin syndrome’ (which can be deadly) caused uncontrollable shaking, loss of breath, pools of sweat, and the CERTAINTY that if i didn’t hold on to it… control it… i was going to lose my mind, to go crazy. 878 more words


Results from Last Week's Poll - Does Induction increase risk of C-Section?

Last week’s Poll: “If your birth ended in an emergency c-section, were you given any drugs to start labour or speed up labour prior to the need for a c-section?” 51 more words


Can You Get Addicted to Marijuana?

Yes, marijuana is addictive. A user may feel the urge to smoke marijuana again and again to re-create the “high.” Repeated use could lead to addiction—which means the person has trouble controlling their drug use and often cannot stop even though they want to. 160 more words

Drugs affect the brain

Drugs affect three primary areas of the brain:

  • The brain stem is in charge of all the functions our body needs to stay alive—breathing, moving blood, and digesting food.
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