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Drug Reform: All heading in the same direction?

by Julian Buchanan, Associate Professor, Institute of Criminology, Victoria University of Wellington.

13th May 2015

While drug prohibition has benefitted a minority, it has caused considerable harm to so many. 596 more words


Amicus Curiae: Running While Black and Driving While Brown - Racial Profiling by American and New Zealand Police

Rebecca Hallas

Following the death of Freddie Gray, there have been thousands of people converging in the streets of Baltimore to protest the numbers of black men dying at the hands of the American police force. 673 more words

Amicus Curiae

Help the Drug Policy Alliance Legalize Medical Marijuana

The CARERS Act, which the Drug Policy Alliance had a significant hand in developing, is the first-ever bill in the U.S. Senate to legalize marijuana for medical use and the most comprehensive medical marijuana bill ever introduced in Congress. 74 more words


Cannabis IP Remedies: Erie-ly Familiar, Patently Different

If you’re familiar with my writing, you probably expect (or dread) an anecdotal segue to basic policy concerns of intellectual property law. Perhaps fortunately, I don’t have an anecdote for patent infringement. 2,163 more words

Gambling with Tribal Marijuana

For this post I will look at the application of state criminal jurisdiction to non-tribal members while on tribal lands; first at the jurisdictional framework in general, and then at a brief history of federal Indian gaming regulations to better understand the legal limitations of tribal marijuana cultivation. 2,478 more words

Amicus Curiae: On Auckland Council's Proposed 'Legal Highs' Policy

Sebastian Hartley

When I last discussed ‘legal highs’ in May 2014, I predicted that the Psychoactive Substances Amendment Act 2014 would not only remove all legal highs currently on sale, but, because of the ban it introduced on animal testing of legal highs, would effectively prevent any legal high from ever being approved for sale, since animal testing is a “necessary and important component” 648 more words

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High profile cannabis users

The correlation between cannabis and mental health issues is one that is routinely highlighted. Even so, there is a question mark as no causal link has been established. 332 more words

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