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Why the Legal Challenge to Colorado's Adult-Use Marijuana Law Will Fail

A suit has been filed in federal court, by a handful of Colorado sheriffs among others, asking for Colorado’s legal adult-use program to be ended. There is one argument of significance: 722 more words

Drug Policy

Are Companies With Drug Tests Weeding out Great Candidates?

By Bourree Lam

The Atlantic

The FBI’s jobs page makes it pretty clear how the agency feels about marijuana: “You can easily determine whether you meet the FBI’s illegal drug policy by answering the following questions.” The list’s first question: “Have you used marijuana at all within the last three years?” 317 more words


Daniel Smith vs. the FDA

Daniel Smith heads to trial next week, where he faces up to 37 years in federal prison. It’ll be the culmination of a five-year legal saga with the FDA and DOJ, in which he’s been accused, among other things, of smuggling a “potent bleach” into the country for sale. 58 more words

Conversation with big pharma on cannabis

Cannabis is one of the most dangerous substances known to man. It is literally worth locking you in a cage with murderers and rapists just to protect you from this plant. 1,002 more words


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6 reasons to legalise all drugs

It is nearly 44 years since The Misuse of Drugs Act was introduced which brought in the A, B & C classifications we know and love today. 1,208 more words

The Illegal Drug Business and Secondary Markets

The business model of an illegal drug cartel is essentially the same as any other business that has complete control of their product. Farms are worked and raw materials cultivated. 1,043 more words


Alcohol is bad enough, why add more drugs to the mix?

People often point to the sale of legal alcohol and tobacco when questioning the illegality of other drugs. A common retort from prohibitionists is that if we already have two damaging drugs, why would we want to introduce anymore?  225 more words

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