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Historic Federal Medical Marijuana Bill Needs Your Support!

After decades of injustice and ineffective, punitive, harmful drug policy, those of us fighting on this side of the War on Drugs can finally see a silver lining. 846 more words


The Same Old Reefer Madness

Bias, of course, is always an issue when someone attacks something dear to your heart, but I must concede that The QH’s article on the effect of marijuana on under- 18s was the first piece of writing in a long time that’s managed to hold my attention. 1,469 more words


Roaring Lion

I read that a 51 year old kiwi man, has recently been sentenced to 20 months jail for cultivating a ‘commercial quantity’ of cannabis.. BUT he went down as a… 137 more words

Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, Is It Well Out Of Date!?!

In order to celebrate the fact we have teamed up with Kenneth Barrow Solicitors to take on defense cases for those being charged with criminal offences, Dan will be taking a look at the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. 642 more words


Police States and Orwellian Realities: Drug Laws in the US

I am not one to read books like THE NEW JIM CROW. Though I bought it randomly from a peace and justice store in Vermont, I am so glad I did. 373 more words


Drug Reform: Incrementalism or Abolition?

by Julian Buchanan, Associate Professor, Institute of Criminology, Victoria University of Wellington.

13th May 2015

While a minority of groups have benefitted from drug prohibition… 696 more words


Amicus Curiae: Running While Black and Driving While Brown - Racial Profiling by American and New Zealand Police

Rebecca Hallas

Following the death of Freddie Gray, there have been thousands of people converging in the streets of Baltimore to protest the numbers of black men dying at the hands of the American police force. 673 more words

Amicus Curiae