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Typical "Nirvana" Inspired Poem

Someone sang it once and they were right
“I only have to do it”
and I was a little fucker back then
when I heard it and I thought it meant… 97 more words


Chapter Two: Away

I wondered how much I’ve slept in the past few weeks. I remembered getting two hours in dubai when we stopped off for a few hours.  4,478 more words


Chapter One: Sonia

We eventually sat at a bar after a very long, deep debate on the medical uses of opiates as we took draws from the blunt she provided outside in the smoking area. 5,074 more words


Foreword and reflection on my novella Book of Sonia.

Foreword, and reflection.

Theres a certain kind of splendour to burning out in youth for art. It’s sonder.

The parties that you missed become something more than that of just missed parties. 1,311 more words


Draft of a poem I wrote a while ago.

If noble truths are contained within molecular structure
I haven’t found them.
I’ve spend a lot of time asking myself if I ever will.

‘Cause self-realization isn’t what you need… 187 more words


Drug themed books are worth reading

In summer my IQ goes down dramatically, but I’m happy to report I read a book all the way to its ending this past week. The book in question is… 911 more words

My Reviews

Whats for dinner tonight ma? Deep fried Siouxsie burger darling. (We live in the Midlands after all)

Picture, if you will, this scene:

The year is 2004. Blair’s government is forcing tripe down our throats and tubbies with mildly profane surnames are on our radios and televisual boxes. 709 more words