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What I Learned About Leadership When I Interviewed The Biggest Drug Dealer In History

We want you to come out here and interview “Freeway Rick Ross” on stage.


I was talking to Jayson Gaignard. I don’t really know anything about anything so Jayson had to explain and then I looked up Rick. 1,469 more words

Death Angel

Drea Rousseau was living a life she knew would end so she prepared herself. She took enough money that would keep her alive but she was not prepared for the assassin who Rafael Salinas put on her trail.

205 more words
Thoughts On Books

Flash Movie Review: Hot Pursuit

Everyone was having a good time as things continued to go smoothly at the reception. The top reason for this was due to the main attraction, the bride and groom. 451 more words


Meet the Characters in Imperfect Wings by Elizabeth Noyes

When I read books for review, I periodically jot down things I want to remember to include about the story or the characters. By the time I reached chapter two of… 549 more words


State Capacity Fail

You know citizens don’t have much trust or confidence in authorities when they turn to the local drug lord instead for help in solving a missing persons case.   245 more words

Carnival Wax News

Spring is here at Carnival Wax and hopefully it is with all of you as well.  Lots of new items as well as old faves so take a look at the website and keep an eye out for special deals and products

A New Era of American Imperialism: Idea #0024

Have you felt it? Has it gnawed at you from the inside? Do you feel the horrible roiling unrest deep in the heart of the true America. 1,039 more words