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7 Healthy Habits for Family Members During Early Recovery

Once your family member has successfully completed an inpatient rehab program, she’s probably looking forward to coming home. And after a couple months of seeing one empty seat around the dinner table, the family’s eager to welcome her back. 1,023 more words


What does it look like to be "ready"? Part I

How do you know when someone is ready for the grueling, painful, struggle that is recovery from drug addiction?

We’ve found ourselves asking that question on a daily basis. 203 more words

Vanessa German: New Crack in the Neighborhood

there is new crack on the street today plus the first of the month was yesterday which means checks been cashed all night and spent on the block. 824 more words


One for the Books

Sunday was a great day. It was a day full of surprises, excitement, hopefulness, encouragement, and rejoicing. Sunday was a day to remember.

You see, since the spring of 2014 we have been closely walking with a man in his 20s who struggled with a severe heroin addiction. 488 more words

Drugs That People Abuse

A drug is a chemical materials, which affects our body and mind both. Drugs abuse are substances that people use to get relax, tension free and more rest. 298 more words

Drug Addiction Ny

Alcohol isn't a Solution

Well, being a homogeneous mixture chemically composed of only one phase, technically it is.  But I think we both know what I mean.

Yes.  I’m afraid I recently downloaded the NHS “drink tracker app”.  221 more words


Christian Recovery: How could this happen to me?

How could this happen to me? How could this happen to my child?
Have you ever asked those questions? Isn’t addiction something that happens to, “Those people?” But I’m not one of, “Those people,” or my child is not one of, “Those people.” The truth is we are all, “Those people.” Like everyone else our desires and our children’s desires are to get through this thing called life. 497 more words