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A Story for the Eve of the Election

It is election eve.  Tomorrow a lot of people put a lot of paper into a lot of boxes, and then we get to spend the next two weeks wondering who’s in whose gang, and who isn’t.  782 more words

Modern Life Is Rubbish

'American Meth'

the other night my partner told me of a documentary he watched called American Meth. He said he taped it for me and that we should sit down and watch it together. 220 more words


I'm not a sex addict...

Up until last year I didn’t know that drug addicts were in denial of being addicts. I thought that if you take drugs regularly then it’s obvious you are an addict. 547 more words


What Relationships Require, Part I

Each week at our Sunday meals there is a mix of people; some we know and have been coming for years, but still there are new people every week. 221 more words

How Can Anger Management Help In Freedom From Addiction ?

Substance abuse and anger is an ugly combination. Alcohol and use of other drugs such as heroin or cocaine can adversely affect a person’s temperament and unresolved anger may lead to the use of the substance. 442 more words

Alcohol Rehab Ontario


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Defining Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Treatment

Substance Abuse Has No Societal Boundaries

An addict is not considered an addict just because he drinks and drugs too much, nor because his life spirals downwards because of drugs. 780 more words