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Last year, though drug-riddled and ill, still she wanted to please me. She saw a vintage sewing machine – my favourite make – in the window of a charity shop. 726 more words


Give Thanks for Every Little Crumb

Don’t ever do this:  let yourself get into such a vulnerable, desperate condition with your health that you just rush to a doctor and do whatever he says…without researching the long term consequences.  575 more words

Family & Community

Laura's birthday

I’ve had a fortnight of reading, copying, pasting, editing, and formating the best 150 poems I have written over the past two years; a manic race to complete an album of my verse, to give as a gift on my daughter, Laura’s birthday, two days ago. 380 more words

I've had an idea!

It’s 2.30am, and I should be in bed. I should leave this post for a time when I can express myself clearly, but I have to get it out there now. 722 more words

Happy New Year

Happy New Year and Welcome 2017.

The great, Concord Mass writer, Ralph Waldo Emerson said it well, ” The only person your are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” 175 more words



This is the first post of, “Recovery Isn’t For Wimps.” This post is really just a test to get some of the kinks out of the system. 44 more words

Addiction Recovery

How are you supposed to let go of "The Past" when its everywhere?

Ugh. I have been triggered massively this weekend. Just when I think im getting somewhere and the people and the past experiences are just a memory never to be forgotten but soundly asleep at the back of my mind someone makes them spring back to life like a very disturbing jack in a box. 594 more words

A Day In The Life