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5 Reasons Why You Should Always Say No To Drugs

Behavioral health science and services tells us that drugs are not the problem because they are in fact, the solutions to certain (if not all) medical illnesses. 668 more words

Drug Treatment

Half Baked Politics: Drug Plan

Here’s the idea – legalize everything and regulate the items via taxation.

This is basically the Chris Rock “Bullet Control” approach – if you want to poison your body with heroin, go right ahead: it’s $10 a gram and taxed at 10,000% (making it $1,010 a gram). 110 more words

A Story of Inspiration

A truly moving story of inspiration from our pianist at Triune, Russ Long. Thanks, Channel 4 News for the story. Link to the video:

Triune pianist uses music to inspire people fighting addiction… 455 more words


Beauty in the Midst of Ashes

Here i sit in the anteroom of the Justice Center, waiting for my beautiful child who has lost his way I trust is finding his way. 253 more words

The Joy In The Journey

Boston Nonprofit Plans To Open A Room For Supervised Heroin Highs

Written by; Martha Bebinger

A room with a nurse, some soft chairs and basic life-saving equipment. Together, this is the latest tool a group of local doctors and nurses plans to create to fight the state’s opiate epidemic. 1,534 more words


7 Healthy Habits for Family Members During Early Recovery

Once your family member has successfully completed an inpatient rehab program, she’s probably looking forward to coming home. And after a couple months of seeing one empty seat around the dinner table, the family’s eager to welcome her back. 1,023 more words