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Catherine Byrne: "Addiction is an illness"

Ireland’s new Drug Minister, Catherine Byrne, is leading a progressive charge at drug misuse. The old paradigm of substance misuse is that it is criminal behavior indicative of a criminal mind and therefore requires punishment. 145 more words

Brendan Quinn

Jarring Statistics on 2015 Drug Deaths in England and Wales

2015 marked another bloody year for substance misuse. The Office for National Statisticsrecently reported that there were over 3,670 drug poisoning deaths in England and Wales–the largest death toll since 1993. 114 more words

Brendan Quinn

Happy land

did you find that place?
glimpsed so clear and clean in the split-second
when you tripped from doubt to decision
so clear and clean that you could almost feel the… 173 more words

Laura's detox Part 2

Laura’s detox is over. at about 8.30 this morning she was in pain, and twitching. At about 9.15 she rang her sister Sarah, probably hoping that the sound of her voice would strengthen her resolve – which it did for a short while – but at about 10.15 she started hassling me for a tenner she saw in my purse yesterday. 934 more words

Laura's Detox

I woke up yesterday feeling tearful. Too many bad things are happening, and I just wanted to hide away. I was supposed to be going to a get-together with some friends, and had been asked to make coleslaw – they have the idea that there’s something special about my coleslaw – but going out to buy the cabbage and carrots seemed daunting. 963 more words

Avoiding Legal Overreactions to the Opioid Epidemic

By Jeremy Haile & Michael Collins

The Marshall Project

A national icon dies of an accidental overdose. A media frenzy develops as public scrutiny focuses on the new, highly potent drug that is suspected of killing him. 258 more words



I recently heard the story of an addict who had been using for years, daily staggering through the same old game, hustling for the money to feed his habit before trailing after dealers to sell him his next inch of jaded relief. 187 more words