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The purpose of this site is to share ideas that can help heal the suffering in the world.  There are two (2) key principles upon which this site is built: 247 more words


Recovery is a process NOT a goal

I don’t think many people would argue with me when I say that Addiction impacts a person across all facets of his life. Yet, when it comes to treatment, people have a tendency to associate recovery with the object of Addiction. 364 more words


OH - Rally for Missing Woman Jayme Bowen - WTTE - WTTE FOX28

SOUTHEAST COLUMBUS (James Jackson) — Friends and family of a woman who went missing last year hold onto hope that she’s still alive, while bringing awareness to human trafficking. 96 more words


Palm Sunday ushers in the most important week of the year. Here's why...

Palm Sunday is important as it marks the beginning of Holy Week, which for me is the most important week of the year. The reason it’s so important to me is because it’s a reminder that though death is a part of human experience, it doesn’t have to be feared. 517 more words


Errors and Bullying in Chronic Pain Care

Insurance is denying payment for opioid medication unless the patient agrees to attend a drug program. A California chronic pain patient with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy told me of her experience. 885 more words

Chronic Pain

2 adverse outcomes for adolescents who use marijuana

There’s a belief that’s growing in popularity that suggests that marijuana is not dangerous. At least, per the myth, weed isn’t as dangerous as alcohol or nicotine. 503 more words


International Happiness Day: Let's Sing a Love Song

Happiness is essential for well-being and is recognised by the United Nations as being essential for our well-being although our society has increasingly developed a lifestyle which is isolating to people . 1,015 more words