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Treatment at Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Drug and alcohol addiction is affecting millions of Americans who find it difficult to get rid of their addiction and are unable to do their daily chores without these addictive substances, and causing the rise of intensive outpatient treatment. 364 more words

Alcohol Rehabilitation

Important Reasons To Consider Alcohol Detox Centres

Alcohol rehabilitation is very important for any alcohol addict, trying to get back to normal life. Alcohol addiction not just affects the physical and mental condition of the addict, but also affects the ones close to him/her. 339 more words

Drug Rehabilitation

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre In The UK – A Perfect Place To End Addiction

There are many people who want to get rid of addiction, but feels that going to a rehab is a waste of money and they can get rid of addiction at home. 355 more words

Drug Rehabilitation

sometimes, i just want to punch addicts in the face

As a drug and alcohol counselor, I’ve seen more than my fair share of addiction-related suffering.  While I’ve been very lucky to have been a part of people’s recovery process, more often than not, I’ve seen people who just LOVE their substance too much to give it up.  402 more words


Understanding The Warning Signs Of Addiction Is Important

Drugs and alcohol addiction kill many people each year. By the time loved ones attempt to help the addict, any intervention may be too late. That’s why recognizing the early warning signs of addiction is very important; if loved ones knew and understood the signs and symptoms of drug or alcohol addiction, addicts can receive timely treatment. 330 more words

Drug Rehabilitation

Are Detox Clinics And Rehabilitation Centres The Same?

One of the most important things before deciding to quit drug or alcohol is to know where to turn for assistance. Choosing the right drug or alcohol rehab clinic or detox centre can change your life forever. 330 more words

Drug Rehabilitation

Press Release: "A Noble Work" Published

Sherwood Hills Recovery director, Richard M Knapp, released his first book in a series of three on the subject of substance abuse treatment.  “A Noble Work” sets forth the philosophy Knapp has been teaching since the treatment center opened 3 years ago.

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