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Some Doctors Now Say to Stop Antibiotics When You Feel Better

When you’re prescribed a course of antibiotics, it’s important to finish the whole thing. At least, that’s the message that’s been perpetuated for years by doctors, nurses, parents and the media. 740 more words

Why Bacteria Are More Threatening Than Ever

The stories are harrowing: people with simple cuts who get exposed to bacteria can end up with life-threatening, and sometimes even life-ending, infections. Antibiotics were supposed to prevent these infections and deaths. 262 more words

Discovery could help stem rise of drug-resistant bacteria

A previously unobserved mutation in a strain of Salmonella could lead to the development of smarter therapies and drugs.

The antibiotic “time bomb” could be slowed after a breakthrough that has identified the mechanism by which bacteria cells become resistant to the drugs. 402 more words


Death merchants: Antibiotic factories in India, China responsible for spreading deadly drug-resistant bacteria, say reports

Nearly 60,000 babies die in India each year because of drug resistant bacteria produced in none other than Indian pharmaceutical factories, which manufacture antibiotics. The deadly bacteria, known as superbugs, are immune to almost all known antibiotics. 482 more words