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Death merchants: Antibiotic factories in India, China responsible for spreading deadly drug-resistant bacteria, say reports

Nearly 60,000 babies die in India each year because of drug resistant bacteria produced in none other than Indian pharmaceutical factories, which manufacture antibiotics. The deadly bacteria, known as superbugs, are immune to almost all known antibiotics. 482 more words


SNAPPs are Killing Superbugs

Few things strike the same added fear in both patients and medical providers like superbugs. What are these pesky little creatures? Put simply, they are bacteria that have become resistant to several, if not all, antibiotics. 404 more words

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September 26, 2016

Daliah Wachs, MD, FAAFP

“Medical Tattoos” can ease patient’s anxiety about their surgical scars

This small study looked at patient satisfaction of “medical tattoos” that could increase pigmentation in hypopigmented areas, or add color, or hide surgical scars. 143 more words


A Powerful New Antibiotic May Have Been Living in Our Noses This Whole Time

The decades-long lack of innovation in developing new antibiotics and the rise of drug-resistant bacteria has terrified the scientific community. But researchers may have discovered a promising bacteria-fighting compound that’s been hiding right under our noses—or at least… 318 more words


None of these diseases

There was a curious discovery in the guts of nine Inca mummies dug out of the mountains of Chile.

Tasha Santiago-Rodriguez, who works with California Polytechnic State University (CPSU), said initially her group was “very surprised” by what they found. 723 more words


Superbugs: The $100 Trillion Risk

Department of Defense researchers announced a shocking finding last month: they had identified an ominous, antibiotic-resistant strain of E. Coli in a Pennsylvania woman seeking medical treatment at a military clinic. 831 more words


The end of modern medicine?

Let me first say that I am grateful for advances in medicine and science: without the kinds of procedures and drugs that have become available in the last hundred years, I would surely have lost my eldest child many years ago. 344 more words