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Selective Drug Shortage

I hate to learn that another medication is on back order again, forcing pharmacists to come up with an alternative plan. It involves identifying patients who are on this medication, determining when supply will run out as well as coming up with equivalent options based on diagnoses and indications. 585 more words


An Ethical Framework for Allocating Scarce Life-Saving Chemotherapy and Supportive Care Drugs for Childhood Cancer

Unguru, Y et al. Journal of the National Cancer Institute (2016)108 (6): djv392

Abstract: Shortages of life-saving chemotherapy and supportive care agents for children with cancer are frequent.

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No Easy Answers

If you have time to read a long — but important — news article about how drug shortages affect medical decisions, please click the link below.   115 more words

BP #2 Drug Shortages Forcing Rationing Treatments

Drug Shortages Forcing Hard Decisions on Rationing Treatments

There is no more vulnerable a service industry, than the healthcare industry. This industry deals with the job of keeping humans alive, and that is a fragile professional life to be a part of that constitutes making moral and ethical decisions regularly. 490 more words

Governments Need to Act on Drug Shortages Affecting Public Health

World wide drug shortages have been widely publicized and have affected Canada. The large majority of drug shortages originate from generic drug manufacturers. Is the uncertainty of drug availability affecting treatment options for patients and therefore public health? 996 more words

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Pains of an Southern African

The government and the ministry of health in particular should try to make sure that medication needed by patients is readily available at hospitals. Recently, one of my relatives was admitted at a district hospital and I was surprised that all the needed medication had to be sourced from outside. 244 more words