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Lives of Substance: project's final report now out

Final report from SSAC’s Lives of Substance project now available.

Despite decades of research, policymaking and service provision, much remains unknown about lived experiences of alcohol and other drug addiction or dependence in Australia. 556 more words

Qualitative Research

Patients are prisoners, prisoners are patients: the state will protect you

In Massachusetts, the state can imprison you without convicting you of a crime. The law that authorizes civil commitment for drug and alcohol treatment is called Section 35. 504 more words

Law And Society

Keeping Up the Pressure

We all know about that the American Health Care Act was passed by House of Representatives yesterday. The AHCA was basically he same bill that Speaker Paul Ryan couldn’t get approval for in March. 567 more words

Unemployment drug testing in 2017

Where other states are debating legalization of marijuana, in Wisconsin drug-testing has been the hot topic.

NOTE: Drug-testing is by-far the topic that attracts the most public attention.

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Diverting attention from pain

How Virtual Reality Could Break America’s Opioid Addiction

“It’s like a crawly feeling inside,” says Judy*. “You get hot, then chilled, and you feel like you want to run away.” The 57-year-old has short dark-grey hair and a haunted expression. 67 more words

Virtual Reality

Using Insurance Coverage for Drug Addiction

Parents who find themselves facing the nightmare of a young adult child who is addicted to drugs will likely do anything to help them. But when the reality of the potential costs involved with treatment becomes known, many loving parents simply don’t have access to that kind of money. 787 more words