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My First Day in Drug Rehab - Fuck Phoenix House

Well I had a vacation a few weeks back and had some time to write. It’s fiction, based on my experiences in rehab. During my two weeks off I was able to put together ten-thousand words of this stuff and I was having fun. 759 more words

Zachary Luke Sickels

Addiction - First nation

I watched a documentary today, about.. Opiate addiction amongst Canadian ‘First nation’s people’. In a ‘featured’ community area, it seems that opiate use is widespread, with many interviewees saying they used ‘Oxycontin’ & other similar drugs on a daily basis. 140 more words

More Heroin Addicts - but why?

Why are so many people using heroin? — In general, people begin taking drugs for a variety of reasons like:

  • To feel good.
  • To relieve suffering from anxiety, stress or depression,
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Saying NO to the Addict you Love


You try to make plans because that’s how you are: responsible. You try to get it all figured out because you are intelligent and optimistic and believe that if you are determined enough and strong enough and have enough integrity and set the right example and do everything the very best that you can, just the way your parents taught you, that no matter if you are going through challenges right now, it will be okay, somewhere down the line, like tomorrow maybe. 779 more words

Recommended Reading for Addiction, Alcoholism and Recovery

Are you looking for some books on addiction, alcoholism or recovery? Great, then you have come to the right place.  Step into the local bookstore or library, and you might be overwhelmed by the countless variety of titles. 1,796 more words


Helping a Drug Addict

If you want to help the drug addict in your life, here is what you should not say:

1. If you loved me you would stop.

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Panhandling and Heroin: Cry me a river......

Do you ever find yourself at a loss for words? While this is a rarity for me (just ask anyone who knows me), I was utterly dumb-founded by a recent series of events. 1,323 more words