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Successfully Reentering Society by Wayne T. Dowdy

My opportunity to reenter society approaches faster than additional studies can be produced to predict the likelihood of success for released prisoners. I am prepared for successful reentry. 734 more words

Tell me lies…

Tell me lies… by Rodney D. Robbins MA CADC III, LPC Intern.

Tell me lies… Tell me sweet little lies… A song by Fleetwood Mac, came to mind as I was writing this blog entry.  314 more words

Rest Stop ... A Different Perspective on Addiction

{eds. note: This is a guest blog written by counselor Catherine McConnell. Click here for her website.}

Everyone knows that “drugs are bad, mmkay.” We’ve all heard it, “just say no,” “addiction is a disease,” and it has been glamorized for our entertainment in shows like “Intervention.” But what if it was more than that? 560 more words

What To Expect When Undergoing Rehab Treatment?

The treatment of drug and substance abuse requires the services of a well-maintained rehab facility expert in handling all types of addiction problems. If you are about to undergo a rehab treatment, below are the following treatments you may receive. 605 more words

Drug Treatment

The Pros and Cons of Outpatient and Residential Drug Treatment in Los Angeles

The first step toward recovering from drugs is to realize you need help to beat the addiction. The next big step is deciding whether you should opt for the outpatient or residential drug treatment in Los Angeles. 464 more words

Drug Treatment