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Drug Treatment

Alcohol Detox – Drug abuse is one of the leading problems affecting society today and despite the campaign against it, there is still a great deal of individuals affected by it.

Steps to Getting Help with Heroin Withdrawal

In a succession of revelations through which the heroin addict eventually becomes disenchanted with the using lifestyle, he or she decides it is finally time to quit.    580 more words


Decision Time

So back to work and my first group of night shifts for 4 1/2 months have come and gone. Managed to survive them without too much concern although the first night worried me, I felt sick, bloated and thought the dreaded pains were going to surface once again, luckily I went to bed and woke up feeling relatively normal (Phew) 249 more words

Drug Surrenderer Program

Above is a collage of photos of our Drug Surrender Care Team from Bukal. The above team is our Sunday team of Celia, Les, Huey, and Rica. 95 more words

Addiction. Rehab, should I do it?

Addiction plagues our societies. From booze, cigarettes, to the more lethal, heroin. In recent years, Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding areas have become a breeding ground for addiction. 258 more words


Life with Crohn's

Hi and welcome to my blog.

The purpose of this blog is to connect with fellow sufferers hopefully help and educate people who live with Crohn’s disease discussing our daily battles and stigmas along with success stories. 448 more words

Liberals, NDP try to expedite bill to help combat opioid crisis

OTTAWA – The Liberals and NDP are working together to expedite the passage of a bill designed to help combat the country’s opioid crisis, including measures to reduce barriers to accessing supervised injection sites. 249 more words