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Should I Wait to Find a Drug Rehab for My Loved One?

It’s never too late to get your loved one into a drug rehab, but waiting to see if rehab is needed puts your loved one at grave risk. 420 more words

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A fatal crash: Alcoholism and drunk driving

One sip, a few shots and we don’t realize that it’s actually eating us up and controlling us until we can’t go on a day without having it. 410 more words

Drug Recovery Programs

Critics say there are not enough drug treatment beds for youth in B.C.

Imagine wanting to get clean only to be told you have to wait.

Critics say that is exactly what is happening to a growing number of young people seeking drug treatment. 280 more words


How Narconon Fresh Start is Different from a Twelve-Step Program

Twelve-step drug and alcohol recovery programs are known throughout America and around the world. People may know the program as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or NA (Narcotics Anonymous). 524 more words

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Empowering those affected


Empowering those affected

It’s Monday the 19th, and the morning is clearly an indicator that fall is quickly approaching. While working in my office I received a telephone call from a mom who lives outside of Yamhill County. 292 more words

Reasons Why People Might Not Seek Drug Rehab

Out of millions of addicted or drug-dependent people, only about one in ten go to rehab each year. The rest of the people have their own reasons why they don’t find a rehab program. 456 more words

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