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19 Attorneys General Tell Trump, Congress Not To Cut Drug Treatment Money

WASHINGTON, DC (AP) – The top government lawyers from 19 states are telling President Donald Trump and the Republican leaders of Congress not to pass health insurance changes that would stop the flow of federal drug treatment money. 370 more words


Substance abuse among teens and how to prevent it

Teenagers are mostly bound to get high from substance abuse which ranges from prescription drugs to alcohol. Some teens would lead a life of addiction, with heavy intake of drugs. 542 more words

Majority of Heroin Users Will Never Stay Sober

Law enforcement has their hands full in battling the onslaught of heroin use across the United States. 340 more words


Drug Treatment

Alcohol Detox – Drug abuse is one of the leading problems affecting society today and despite the campaign against it, there is still a great deal of individuals affected by it.

Steps to Getting Help with Heroin Withdrawal

In a succession of revelations through which the heroin addict eventually becomes disenchanted with the using lifestyle, he or she decides it is finally time to quit.    580 more words


Drug Surrenderer Program

Above is a collage of photos of our Drug Surrender Care Team from Bukal. The above team is our Sunday team of Celia, Les, Huey, and Rica. 95 more words

Common Myths On Drug Abuse And Treatment

Drug abuse and its treatment are very serious, which is why utmost understanding and knowledge are required when dealing with these issues. Any misconceptions have to be clarified. 262 more words

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