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Man Gets $37,000 after Doughnut Arrest

Daniel Rushing was arrested in 2015 when an officer mistook the glaze from his Krispy Kreme doughnut for Crystal Meth. He bonded out after 10 hours, even though he should not have been locked up at all. 167 more words

Criminal Law

Delirium (2)

Today, the Yorkshire and Humber Clinical Network for Dementia releases its new documentation in support of people experiencing delirium and those providing their care.

We have developed these resources with patients, carers, doctors, nurses and therapists to improve care, treatment and, understand some of the challenges posed by delirium within our health and social care environment. 635 more words


It's finally Fall, and Mellie is now .99!!

Melanie Woodward has everything going for her- great life, loving husband, and two incredible kids. But Mellie is a tormented woman struggling to find reason in the madness of her past. 93 more words

British Undergound Press

Fans of the London underground should head to a small exhibition at the A22 Gallery on Laystall Road between Farringdon and Holborn (hey, let’s split the difference and call it Midtown). 660 more words


Woman Orders Yoga Mat, Gets $400K In Illegal Drugs Instead

CBS Local — A woman in South Carolina got quite a surprise after opening a package she thought contained a yoga mat she had ordered, but found nearly 20,000 illegal pills valued at $400,000 instead. 198 more words


Dopamine is NOT your brain's reward chemical

You’ve got a pet peeve right?  It’s probably something normal like littering, or people walking slowly in front of you, or that feeling when you see an acquaintance at the end of a long hallway and have to figure out when it’s least awkward to wave hello.   1,573 more words