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“I walk up to my door and hate to turn the key, emptiness is all that waits inside for me. That’s how it is when the one you love is gone. 

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Special Kind of Torture

What do you do when wishful thinking is not enough? I’ve prayed a thousand times, and wished on every shooting star. I’ve done everything short of selling my soul to the devil, but he’s already done that. 184 more words


Getting High on Low-Quality Evidence: A Medical Marijuana Debate

Medical marijuana has been touted as a bit of a panacea. It’s claimed to help a large range of maladies, stuff like nausea, poor appetite, poor sleep, anxiety, depression, psychosis, glaucoma, tics, hepatitis, Crohn’s disease, and Parkinson’s. 464 more words

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Deciding Whether to Take a Drug Prescription

Most patients unquestioningly fill and take whatever prescriptions their doctors write.

But doctors are subject to coercive forces urging them to prescribe particular medicines, often new, expensive ones their favorite drug reps push. 791 more words

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The Significance of Your Formative years

Having worked with many parents over many twenty five years, I have come to realise that most people have very little understanding about how important their first seven years of life of life is to their healthy development as an adult. 491 more words

The NEW Worst Place to Hide Your Drugs

Mexican authorities were investigating an accident, when they discovered 55 pounds of packets that appear to be cocaine… in the dashboard where the passenger airbag should have been. 81 more words

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Infectious Myth – Edmond McNack and his Awful AIDS Drug Experience – 09.29.15

David Crowe talks to Edmond McKnack about the devastating impact on the latter’s health from nearly 3 months on HIV-preventative medicine. Listen here.