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Noticing Your Triggers - When The Want Is Strong

It’s hard to let go when the trigger is strong. Life gets to you, everyone you turn to turns the blind eye and all the only relief you have is the feed a need; therefore you act out your addiction. 162 more words

Writing About Myself

When I'm Feeling Depressed...I think to myself "Things could be worse..."

I’m usually a pretty upbeat and positive person. Sure, some people might say I’m a sarcastic people who lives in the realm of reality but I am, for the most part, a positive upbeat person. 99 more words



I try so hard to stay positive. These flashbacks don’t make it easier. They’re getting too bad they make me vomit. I lay on the bathroom floor shaking from the lack of self-control, the lack of control over my own mind and the lack of control over my own insides. 68 more words

Kratom tea

If you have no idea what kratom is or what it can do for you, stop now & get educated. I don’t have a lot of experience with kratom, but I plan to rectify that with the 30g bag of… 287 more words


Today I got my gun back, and one of my first thoughts were I wonder how bad it would hurt if I “accidentally” shot my foot.   175 more words

Self Harm

Ξάδερφος του Τζορτζ Μάικλ: Δεν αυτοκτόνησε - Τα ναρκωτικά επέστρεψαν στη ζωή του

Με τα ναρκωτικά συνέδεσε το θάνατο του Τζορτζ Μάικλ ο ξάδερφος του  Άνδρος Γεωργίου τονίζοντας πως στο παρελθόν ήταν εθισμένος στο κρακ ενώ ποτέ του δεν είχε πάρει ηρωίνη.