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The Social Impacts of Drug Trafficking and Heroin in America

Afghanistan Produces 90 Percent of World Supply of Opium…

By Stephen A. Molling | Global Research

The tragic video of a two-year-old crying over the body of her mother who collapsed from an overdose at a Dollar Store in Massachusetts has brought attention to the epidemic of cheap heroin in the United States. 778 more words


How I manage to keep going with my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

I suppose some people stumble upon my blog when they are looking for information on Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), either because they have a diagnosis or suspect they might have it. 799 more words

The Beginning

This writing is a true story of a Christian wife battling with husband’s drug addiction. It aims to share understanding and lessons to wives who experienced same situation. 789 more words


Buffoon of the week I

Buffoon of the week is a new feature I thought I’d run, to highlight criminal incompetence. Police mistakes go under the microscope, and rightly so. While the competence of those who investigate the police is often… 89 more words


Hard times

So I wanted to start these blogs to help myself sort through things.  I’ve been having a rough time sorting through things in my own head lately, so I have not been on here to post. 91 more words

Peer Pressure

It was requested to me that I talk about Peer Pressure today, so here we go!

So again, this topic was requested to me, however, I have not had much experience with peer pressure myself, but I will tell you a little bit of how I would go about dealing with peer pressure. 499 more words


Weed, Pills & Heroine

Tuesday would have been another birthday for my brother’s father, Brett. But this past January 13th he passed away from multiple drug overdoses. He had problems with drugs from age twelve onward, so much so that he was scarcely capable of being a part of my brother’s life. 706 more words