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New found high.

I’ve been noticing something wonderful lately.

That feeling I used to get, in the center of my chest down through my core, whenever I was going to get drunk with friends or get slated on a slew of other drugs, pops up more and more in everyday activities. 288 more words

Draper man faces charges for drugs, child endangerment after explosive materials found in 'hidden room'

DRAPER, Utah — Police executing a search warrant at a home in Draper found drugs and drug paraphernalia, and they also located a hidden room in the basement containing wires and explosive materials. 275 more words


Police find £500,000 in cash stuffed into a suitcase

A suitcase stuffed full of £500,000 in banknotes was found in a house in Merseyside during a police raid.

Police swooped on two addresses yesterday and found heroin worth £1.2million, the suitcase full of cash, and £30,000 in a car. 178 more words


Trapped kitten and reflection

So I am fostering a little kitten right now, who is about 11 weeks old. She was rescued from the streets, partially feral and super tiny at 7 weeks old. 537 more words



When you are doing as much as you can to main tain the health or lack thereof that youu have and you are being open and honest about how things are getting worse for you, to have someone who has not met you decide you do not need any help tell you your screwed it hurts. 266 more words

If you're at V festival, don't take this 'dangerous' new drug

People are being warned about a potentially very dangerous drug that’s doing the rounds at V festival.

Police said the drug tested at Weston Park in Staffordshire contained ‘really serious chemicals that would have a severe adverse effect’. 193 more words


looking for feedback

Opinions on/experiences with kratom? heard it was a mild stimulant that can help with chronic pain. (it’s legal in the US btw)