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Baby, I'm Addicted To You.

I have sold things for cocaine.

I have done sexual favours for cocaine.

Definitely not some of my proudest moments. I look back and cringe. What kind of monster was I back then? 584 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Stress is amassing, in the form of finals, Christmas shopping, and an increased volume at work. I over the course of my lifetime has learned to manage my stress. 147 more words

The Last Two Years: Starting My First Job After Rehab

I start my first job soon and trust me, it’s far from where I thought I’d be coming out of a private university.  At twelve dollars living in the city, it’s not looking good for me. 382 more words


Cardinals supplied euphoric nectars
For wailing ruby throats
That cared a little too much,
That took place of bested negotiations.

Nervously they’d fidget inside
Derailed woes. 35 more words


Most people would consider it unethical to deny treatment to a person in severe pain

…or tell them to just get it together. Yet somehow, if the person is an addict, this is ok. Even though addiction is classified as a disease in ICD, addicts going through withdrawal are denied painkillers that would be given to everyone else without second thought. 389 more words


Where it all began!:

I walked down the hall wondering who noticed me and who didnt. Did they know half the things i saw lately were hallucinations.

THey just assumed i was on drugs. 260 more words

Poppers - the Benefits, Legality, and Dangers

A couple weeks ago I posted a story on my Instagram, a bit shocked after reading an article on Grindr’s magazine about the use of poppers.  1,081 more words