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Shocker: Republicans are still full of shit regarding marijuana

The country’s attitude about marijuana has come a long way in the past few years, and it was interesting to see Republican candidates in the last… 647 more words

Idiots & Assholes (Politics)

HIV? No. STD? Um...yeah.

This is incredible news!  It’s not a cure for AIDS, but it’s looking to be your best preventative measure to keep from getting infected with HIV.   139 more words

Heterosexually Challenged

When your death sentence disappears

Up until a few years ago, people with HIV had to accept the fact that they would likely be dead before middle age — but many have survived thanks to advances in treatment. 348 more words

Heterosexually Challenged

Arizona's $1.7 million welfare circle-jerk finally "pays off"

The nutbags behind this push for drug testing were really, really hoping to find widespread abuse and fraud.  Because, you know, all them welfare folks are just lazy moochers who don’t wanna work, right?   172 more words

Idiots & Assholes (Politics)

You Will Never Believe What Happens If You DeepDream The Cool MTL Airshot!

Google has recently released a code that makes computers dream! Pretty amazing, right? The stuff went totally viral and now we all know what our computers do when they smoke the pot. 39 more words

On Politics 1 (or Argumentation)

Two Heads, One Body:

Typical ‘political’ issues are misguided and reductive. There’s the issue itself and the illusion of this two-sided argument that’s already explicated and requires little to no original thought on which to base one’s own opinion. 364 more words