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Connecting - pagans, nature and technology

Technology has played a big part, in recent years, in connecting people who otherwise would not have met, and helping them to find people who share similar interests. 492 more words


Shedding Skins

‘Pull the scars from off my back,

I don’t need them any more.

You can throw them out or put them in your mason jars. 743 more words

Brighid and the Oran Mòr

This is a reblog from my latest blog post at Moon Books. I hope you enjoy it, and do let me know if you’ve had similar experiences. 1,305 more words


A New Moon in Willow's Realm

New Moon, Old Sign

When I write about a new Moon, I am always in the dark of the old Moon. And instead of the high energy of the full Moon, we have to wait for several days to see the proof of a new birth in the sky as she sets at sundown. 913 more words


Review: The Druid Animal Oracle

As I set up this new blog, and seek out others interested in Druidry, I’ve been setting up some social media channels for this blog/topic. Because I’m private about my Druidry, I want to keep things fairly anonymous for now. 565 more words


Beltane 2015 and Touching the Sacred

Here we are, about two weeks out from Beltane/May Day — or Samhuinn if you live Down Under in the Southern Hemisphere. And with a Full Moon on May 3, there’s a excellent gathering of “earth events” to work with, if you choose. 694 more words


Spring Thoughts and Directions!

I feel a pull to write here on my blog again. Mainly to get things that are turning around in my head, sorted out and in a place where I can understand these thoughts and impulses, maybe get some direction on where to go with it all. 457 more words