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Personal Contemplation

There’s something about winter that drives me down into depression and makes me want to sleep. Hibernate, if you will, until spring is finally here. I know it is related to seasonal depression, and currently untreated anxiety as well. 499 more words


Crows as dinner guests

I found this wonderful article on the BBC news website.  I am a huge crow fan (just in case my readers hadn’t guessed) and they often come to eat in my garden.  1,200 more words


Moon Books Family

Authoring can be a very lonely business. For me, it’s the part of the experience I have most trouble with. I prefer to work with people around – if I can get the right people who are companionable without being too demanding. 698 more words


Building a Dead Hedge

We have been tidying up in our large and much neglected garden recently, part of my February spring clean perhaps. Part of this has meant curtailing the growth of our buddleia and fuchsia hedging and as you can probably guess, we have been left with a large amount of hedge offcuts in need of a home. 361 more words


Knowledge, Wisdom, and Gnosis: The Pagan Experience

We begin March with the prompt of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Gnosis- What do these words mean to you? How do you express these principles in your spiritual work? 635 more words


With things happening over at Tumblr, I’ve decided it might be in my best interest to move permanently over here. Now, I’m not sure if I’ll make another blog to use as a sort of personal, every day life blog, or if I’ll just continue to use this one. 103 more words


Spirits of the Motorway

A hymn to the spirits of the road, heeding the howl of ancient pathways, wheels and footsteps and engines that roar from all sides, by Druidic story-teller, poet and musician extraordinary, Barry Patterson of… 528 more words