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In Dark Times, Shine 1/5: Distinctiveness [Celtic Thought]

If you read the newspapers, watch tv or listen to the radio there seems to be more ‘darkness’ about than ever. Is there more confusion, fear and bitterness in the world, or are we just more aware of it? 820 more words

Christian Thought

The Morning Omens - 2/20/17

Who? Who? Who could it be?

Well, owl tell you.

Owl is a card I don’t think I’ve actually pulled before, yet She seems very familiar. 146 more words

Familiars and Allies

A ‘Familiar’ is according to the definitions, a traditional term used for an animal, often a pet, who assists a witch in their spiritual and magical workings and with whom the witch can communicate. 400 more words


Life Is Happening In Real Time

I’m quickly finding myself overwhelmed by the rapid passage of time this year. I’ve fallen way behind in writing for the Dedicant Path coursework, I’ve yet to do anything in terms of writing regarding Imbolc or my powerful visitations with Brigantia or any of the majorly huge things that have happened in my spiritual life lately. 134 more words

Astral Group Meditation Experiment

Selene Blackwell and Elm Dealandé set out to test if it possible to meet another witch, on purpose, in astral while you are both meditating; the objective of the experiment was to confirm that both witches remember the experience in the same or very similar manner. 2,129 more words

Author: Selene Blackwell

The Elements: The Wind Whispers

Since the celebration of Imbolc or Candlemas, usually the first few days of February, we’ve moved into the season of spring. Sometimes, local weather patterns prevail for a time to give a wintery feel, but rest assured spring is on its way. 385 more words

Christian Thought

Fallowing and "Afters"

I google “fallow” and the first entry (from dictionary.com) reads:

  1. (of farmland) plowed and harrowed but left unsown for a period in order to restore its fertility as part of a crop rotation or to avoid surplus production…

1,055 more words