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It’s almost Samhain, or as it’s better known today, Hallowe’en!

This has to be my favourite holiday, in both its Pagan and secular forms, of the year. 413 more words


Becoming an Ancestor

From the OBOD “Inspiration for Life” for 26 October: “Our greatest responsibility is to become good ancestors” — Jonas Salk (1914-1995). Search for information on Salk and you’ll find, beyond his discovery of the life-saving polio vaccine, that the original quotation has  “be” for “become,” but “become” fits. 683 more words


A poem for the season

Grey dawn filters through the falling leaves,
Pale and soft as life’s last breath. The whisper
Of the wind carries not your voice, but your… 89 more words


For Tucker

The moment I looked in your eyes,

the very moment we met,

I sensed that we’d met before.

Surreal it was,

for I was taken back, 96 more words


Kayara's Journal

Sometimes, that’s all there there is to life. Sitting there in the warmth of an autumn sun, as the cool wind whispers through naked trees. With a small child resting in your lap, singing to himself sweet notes that harmonize with all. 82 more words


Tadhg's Journal: 'Become A Pole-Vaulter' Or 'A Time To Reflect' [Revised]

Excerpt from Tadhg’s Journal: Winter is nearly upon us. We’re in that time of shedding. As I sit here with a hot cup of coffee, I can see outdoor plants ‘slumbering’, leaves falling from trees, and animals scurrying about, storing up food for the winter. 1,025 more words

Christian Thought

Halloween Moon Rituals

Halloween Ritual for prosperity

With halloween around the corner and the Beltane celebrations – southern hemisphere, Samhuain fire festival  – northern hemisphere, The October moon stands to pack some powerful psychic energy as the veil between the worlds lifts. 487 more words

Lunar Astrology