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A Mermaid Emerges

Photo: Robert Fuhro

This Solar Eclipse has turned our heads in America. We will look up and catch sight of Sun and Moon in an intimate moment of visual contact. 856 more words


What Do You Do?

Today, I was in my little office. Some admin was done, a bit of cleaning, and then meeting a student to chat about Stuff.

One of the questions that was asked – and which is often asked of me – is what a Druid Priest actually… 320 more words


Some Prayers and Praying

In the previous post I said I’d talk about prayers and praying. If there’s a blogger’s equivalent to stage fright, I get it at least 50% of the time. 1,279 more words


Developing 'Soft Eyes': Apophatic 'Day-Dreaming'

Yesterday we looked at kataphatic ‘day-dreaming’ as one way of thinking in a visual and imaginative way, that is vital if we are to rekindle that childhood and deep perception of the world around us. 1,135 more words

Christian Thought

Working with spirit...

“Spirit in the willow abide in me…
Share this sacred journey with me…
Teach me of your wisdom…
So vast that it shall not be labeled…

199 more words

Leading a spiritual life...

What does it mean to lead a spiritual life?

Seems the loaded question does it not? Well, this is likely because in all honesty spirituality is as unique as the people that practice it. 261 more words


Developing 'Soft Eyes': Kataphatic 'Day-Dreaming'

Recently I mentioned about my childhood adventures with friends in north Wales, and how our imaginations ran riot. Oh, how we loved mystery. Then, albeit an adventurous and daring group of boys and girls, like most children, there was a limit. 1,024 more words

Christian Thought