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Quick share - an amazing pagan shop

My alter and spiritual tools are a huge part of my ceremony. I think most people practicing an alternative spirituality feel the same. Since I started my Druidry practice, I’ve been shopping with Cathi at… 45 more words


Getting back in touch with Druidry

As I’ve mentioned before, I was pulled pretty strongly away from regular spiritual practice by the healing and creativity that resulted of my Druidry work, which is pretty ironic. 440 more words


Favourite Druid things

I’ve done a couple of Steampunk posts recently on favourite people, so I thought today I’d put together a list of favourite Druid things. In no particular order… 469 more words


Turning the Soil of Soul: Ritual as Celebration » Nature's Path

Hey, lovely readers! Remember when I said the next installment in my Pagan-UU series would be coming in February? Just kidding! Looks like this series is turning out to be a bimonthly endeavor after all. 282 more words


Tracking the Formless

All around me, the formless. Everywhere I look, the track of some local thing I mistake for itself only, when it’s also a sign of the Mystery. 210 more words


Seed thought

Deep within the seed lies buried.
Is it yearning to grow and flourish
or is it content in its Winter sleep
within your soul?


Quick Share - A prayer to the element air

Another prayer in my collection of prayers to the elements. This one also comes from legionofpagans.com and is to the element air. It’s one of my favorites and never gets left out of a ceremony. 129 more words