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What I Did For Beltane

You asked me about my druidry, and when I mentioned ceremony and ritual, it wasn’t quite what you were expecting. Let me tell you about what I did for Beltane. 633 more words


The Whirling Continues

This new Moon would be a perfect moment to reaffirm vows to the Earth. It takes place at 16° Taurus, close to the astrological degree of Beltane, 15° Taurus. 734 more words


5 Lessons from Pluto Retrograde

(If you’re wondering why all of the Retrograde posts at the minute, that’s because 5 planets decided to go Retrograde at the Same. Damn. Time.    1,130 more words

Inspiration for a Zen Druid

What drew me into Zen Buddhism was the fact that it didn’t matter who you were or where you came from when it came to learning the wisdom of the tradition. 752 more words


Thirty Days of Druidry 24: Playng the Druid Card

Could it be the Mage,
or might it be the Fool?
Should we learn to use our cards
like any kitchen tool?

When I search for wisdom, 871 more words


Beltane and ritual

This Beltane, I did my first OBOD Druid ritual for a long time, using the ritual booklet that came with the Bardic course materials, and to be honest, it felt…off. 396 more words


She Fell Into the Fire: A Beltaine Poem plus a Waterboy's Video!

It had been many a strong wind that had blown her to this place

Many a hurt and many a word

That had shattered her heart and thrown rocks in her path… 74 more words