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Four Seasons as a Guide to Manifestation

“Winter doesn’t mean Summer has failed”, says one of my teachers. It’s not a competition, though sometimes our seasonal myths and stories can make it seem like winter and summer take turns through time in “winning” and “losing” and grudgingly parcelling out the year between them. 804 more words



This blog has been a wonderful outlet for the random musings and unanticipated thought fragments that seem to perpetually traverse my mind. Through poetry I’ve found a method of examining and coping with emotional turmoil, that kept bottled up, eventually becomes rancid and toxic. 216 more words

Days Fourteen and Fifteen

Well, back to reading, searching, praying and pondering…and not getting too far. Well, I’m reading and I am still trying to get to grips with that. 1,376 more words


I Invoke You for a Tongue, Part 2

This post on creating a usable Celtic ritual language continues a number of previous posts on the subject.

Why do such a thing — create a new Celtic ritual language, rather than master an existing Celtic tongue, when all of them struggle to survive and need all the support they can get? 1,080 more words


For the highest good and more

This week has been a week of deep thought and a week of asking questions. Thank you to all those who responded. My first question was what do you think  healing for the highest good actually means. 385 more words

I've decided to become an Elder Druid

I’ve decided to become an Elder Druid.  The Elder Tree is my personal birth tree according to Celtic Tree Lore.

Elder – The Seeker
November 25 – December 23… 2,535 more words


Spiritual Bio of me an Interspiritual Warrior Mystic/Monk (Sort of)

Let me, (as a way of easing myself into this craic), give a little definition/explanation of the title of this blog.

Interspiritual: (My definition) Mystical spirituality of various faiths rather than the dogma of the organised religions that grew around them. 723 more words