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Daily Devotional, 4/26/18

I am pleased with today’s devotional.  Naming the Kindreds went well.  I did better with Freyja’s prayer today, making it more intense and feeling it.  The only problem I had was the card I drew. 105 more words


Extreme Gratitude: Post-Pneumonia Thoughts

‘It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up.’ Eckhart Tolle

Some of you will know that I’ve been absent from the ‘net for a while, and articles and posts haven’t appared for a little over three weeks.

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Christian Thought

Fire, and All That Beltane Stuff

One of the pleasures of OBOD Gatherings is taking part in the group initiations with those who opt for them.

Many don’t. An initiation is always personal, and many wish to honor that by outward solitude. 771 more words


Daily Devotional, 4/25/18

Today’s devotional went really well.  I named each of the Kindreds, as usual, though it’s starting to feel less “spiritual” and more mundane.  I should make an effort to visualize the Kindreds in addition to naming them.  114 more words


The Numinous Web: Learning about the Celtic Deities

In previous posts, we explored the cosmology of the Celts and the concept of Sacred Reciprocity. In traditional cultures, it is understood that human beings live in relationship with many other beings – plants, animals, birds, fish, insects, and features of the natural landscape. 1,443 more words


Daily Devotional, 4/24/18

Today’s devotional went better than it did while I was in Chicago.  I named Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and the Vanir.  I tried to be intense with Freyja’s prayer, but I wasn’t as intense as I know I could be.  94 more words


Celtic Cosmology - An Introduction

As a general rule, it would be fair to say that most non-pagans have little or no understanding of pagan theology/cosmology. In the absence of any information to the contrary, they often tend to be rather fearful and perhaps unwilling to investigate.  1,853 more words