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Walking Your Walk

“There’s nothing new under the sun” — traditional proverb.

But under the moon …

In Caitlin Matthews Celtic Devotional, the lunar meditation for Imbolc for this day is “Your Spiritual Quest Thus Far”. 735 more words


Daily Devotional, 2/22/18

Today I visualized each Kindred after honoring them with an offering.  I thought about my recent Ancestors.  I thought about the tree in the front yard and the grass as well as our cats.  113 more words


Ritual Mechanics

This course is designed to provide specific instruction to our Priests about how to conduct ritual, and to encourage observation and creative improvement of our current methods of working ritual. 8,117 more words


Daily Devotional, 2/21/18

I had trouble getting started with my devotional today.  I was distracted by one of the cats chewing on something.  However, once I sat down in front of my shrine, my focus returned.  119 more words


Renewing Courage

Imbolc is one of eight seasonal festivals. The first in the calendar year, it marks the return of the light and the first shoots of spring after the long winter nights. 603 more words

Explorations in Ogham: Week 5 - Nuin, Ash

Each Wednesday, I’ll be exploring one of the original 20 Ogham letters and the trees associated with them. If you want to catch up on last week’s, follow the “Ogham” tag at the bottom of this post, or see the link… 418 more words


Daily Devotional, 2/20/18

Today I was finally able to replace my Ancestor candle so I could light all my candles again!  I lit each candle as I honored each Kindred.  120 more words