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Working with the Gods of Time

Druidry is hard work. If you want to establish a deep and meaningful relationship with the land, the gods and the ancestors you have to work at it, each and every day, really walking the talk and living your religious or spiritual path. 579 more words


The World We Need Is Just Becoming

The mythology we need is likewise growing with us.

Gaia showed me a plastic cat today. S/he was cute and cuddly, shallow in that candy apple kind of way, a plush toy of an animal. 765 more words


4 - 0

yo yo check this beat

walking to and fro along the road open

I see the cars, moving sideline bars

like lyrical notes each one hailing a color… 478 more words


dance heart alive, in time sublime, underneath the crime

flows a river, a Styx, fleeting Tribes

like the dance dead dusk dawn early

come upon now, we are worthy… 360 more words

Nothingness changing Heart

light swoon uponst a newsuince guise

were lies upon lies were seen in surprise

aye, what do I see, upon the realm of controversy

it is in heresy, to say the least; an iktomi… 857 more words


I AM Ygraddisil

I speak to you in tongues

I come to you as another and now I take over your form

this is the place for others to see that the mind can be taken over in a single moment. 908 more words

Why We Should All Question Science

Here’s a new DNews video called “Why we should all question science.”