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My Spirit Animal - The Goose

When I was an toddler my mother used to put me in a car seat on in the barn while the rest of the family was working on projects near by. 349 more words


Help Along Our Ways

Today’s post features an excerpt from Tommy Elf’s moving account of his Bardic journey, framed by his experiences at the first Gulf Coast Gathering in Louisiana this past weekend. 470 more words


Book Review Monday - Urban Druidry by Brendan Howlin

So this is basically a handbook, 101 style introduction to Urban Druidry as a thing removed from Druidry as a whole. Howlin says that the exercises included are open to anyone of any spiritual path. 244 more words


Spring Equinox Blessings!

Today I celebrated the Equinox with my husband.  The people we had invited to the ritual were unable to come, so we celebrated on our own. 325 more words


Alban Eiler and updates

Well yesterday was the Equinox and a New Moon and I… I worked all day. From 10 in the morning to 11 at night. I meant to wake up early to do… 176 more words