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Poem: Lights Will Guide You...

Is there something missing,
and you feel that there’s nobody listening?
Could it be that everyone of us is scared,
everyone of us is hurt? 259 more words

Christian Thought

Mantle of Brighid About Me

Mantle of Brighid about me,
Memory of Brighid within me,
Protection of Brighid around me
keeping me from harm,
from ignorance, from heartlessness,
this day and night,

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Strategic Sorcery Homework #8

This was the lesson on changing one’s own habits.  It was, for me, the absolute hardest assignment to complete because I had thought I was fairly happy with my habits throughout most of the course.   356 more words



June. That was the last month I wrote something in depth. I have managed to write something every month or so, albeit in the form of a poem, a saying, or even a prayer. 510 more words


Celtic Thought: Tadhg's Relative Theory Of Time

You can save it, use it, abuse it, mark it, lose it, even kill it. One British ‘superhero’ (yes, we do have fictional superheroes, too, albeit, not the sort that wear their underwear on the outside) even travels through… 864 more words

Christian Thought

"Collapsing Now" and "Inevitable Progress"

“Collapse now”, counsels John Michael Greer, “collapse now and avoid the rush” as industrial civilization devolves and careers along an increasingly wobbly course. Greer, whose words and ideas have intermittently appeared here, is a “talk-walker”, someone who lives what he advises others to practice. 1,478 more words