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Drum Cake

My client for this cake was really into drums, so I created a cake of 3 stacked drums.  Because it was for a 60th birthday, I thought that black and silver were the best colors for the cake.   50 more words

Little Drummer Girl

The theme for this cake was music…

Back in the day I actually played percussion in my school band from middle school to junior high, I can’t say I was Quest Love but I could certainly keep a steady tempo. 194 more words

Fondant Drum Set

About a month ago, I made this cute little drum set with a matching drummer.  I know nothing about drums so I had to do some research on what these things really look like. 147 more words

Drum Cake

Drum Cake!

I know I’ve been a little heavy on the cake posts lately, but everyone loves cake, right? I recently made an ‘unbirthday’ cake for my friend – her birthday is on Christmas day so she decided to celebrate an unbirthday right in the middle of the year (this is such a good idea I’m toying with celebrating every one of my own unbirthdays – presents  827 more words

Cakes & Baking

Marshmallow Fondant & Covered Cake Madness

So it’s been a while but if you follow us on Facebook, you know that I promised I would post pictures and the successful almost failure that was my dads birthday cake ! 747 more words