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I Hate These Drunk Assholes Who Ruined This Guys Sand Castle

Look we all get it. When you’re drunk sometimes you make a mistake. Bump a car drunk driving back home, get into a fight because you drunkenly bump into someone. 219 more words

Google Glass for St. Paddy's Day: Now you can RECORD being a drunk Asshole!

With St. Patrick’s day just around the corner and the recent release of Google Glass (or limited release or whatever the hell they’re calling it as,¬† 114 more words


Our oldest ancestor was a drunken ass-hat

After the disembarking and ritual slaughter/extinction, God tells Noah to get down to biz-nasty and repopulate the Earth. He uses the exact same words he told Adam and Eve, in fact, without any clarification like “don’t fuck demons and angels anymore,” which is what apparently motivated the destruction of almost all creation. 958 more words


...Pick-Up Time...

My husband was supposed to pick me up after work today. He just called and told me he was sending my 17 year old daughter to get me. 28 more words

My Own Personal Therapy

When Times are Good

8 Days Sober. I am trying not to get emotionally vested in the continuance of this trend. It gets particularly difficult to continue with plans for separation when things are getting good. 453 more words

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Why Blog about a Drunken Husband?

Nowadays it seems like there are blogs about everything. We have unprecedented access into the intimate details of people’s lives. Do we really need another very personal look into someone’s crappy life? 180 more words

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...It is Almost as Bad...

I hate to say it, but sometimes it is almost as bad when he doesn’t drink as when he does. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard “Well I’m trying to quit drinking” as an excuse for his being a total asshole. 23 more words

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